Let’s Take America Back! 1

These days you hear everyone and their brother saying, “I want my country back.”  I suppose this concept means different things to each of us. I look at our country and see people suffering with inequality and inequity in opportunity and voice in our political system.  I write to my republican legislators and sometimes get a courteous rejection.  I don’t get to see the traffic in and out of their offices by lobbyists.  Why do we pay farmers NOT to grow food?  Why do we give subsidies to oil companies who rack in huge profits with little in the way of expenses?  Why does our government do nothing about officials who engage in illegal activities like torture and contravention of the Geneva Convention? Why does Congress only talk about campaign reform while they take fistfuls of cash from every interest group that works to maintain the status quo?

Bound for The Hill

How does K Street work, anyway?  Do they wheel the money into congressional offices in wheelbarrows? Lobbyists are vipers at the breast.  They work in government to establish contacts and a reputation.  Then they “lobby” Congress, even writing laws for our representatives.  In this blog I have encouraged you to write to your legislators in Congress. But, what do they do with our letters and phone calls?  How much impact does discussion in town halls back home make when it comes time for a vote? I want my country back. Back from those who wield more power at the seat of government than the people!  To take America back need new leaders who will stand for reforming “the system,” even it means they will not be re-elected.  There’s honor in serving one term and leaving one’s mark on government reform. Yes, I know that would make for a short career.  Who will take one for the team?






If our ongoing warfare against ignorance and oppression is to result in a genuine commonwealth where the good of all members is served, we’ll have to take the long view and begin working toward entirely new institutions and structures. We must see ourselves as members of a new class; not just workers opposed to capitalists, not just the oppressed against the oppressors, but those engaged in lifelong personal self-transformation and seeking ultimate Higher Awareness.
Genuine engagement in this new form of class warfare can only begin when a small enlightened group of persons–having suffered under an oppressive form of rule and having prepared themselves for self-rule–create a new community.
This new society will arise out of the ashes of our present culture, led by persons who have freed themselves from all alluring myths and illusions, looked reality squarely in the face, and begun the long, hard effort to lay a solid foundation for a new society.




Happy Birthday Wishes for the Teaparty


The Real America!

TEAPARTY, how can you give tacit support to Gov. Scott Walker’s “racist budget” which requires black people to pay for vouchers for rich white kids in Wisconsin to go to private schools? Do think it AMERICAN to bust the unions in Wisconsin and elsewhere? Is this what Haley Barber, RGA President, hatched for all states with republican majorities?  Are you comfortable with extremist government financed by the billionaire Koch brothers?  Where is your voice?  Where are the teaparty placards on this matter? Do you support this gift to America of class warfare?  Can you eat your birthday cake now…without choking?

Fear and Cutting Entitlements!

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and His Fireside Chats

I’ve heard stories about how FDR used to have “Fireside Chats” which endeared him to the nation.  President Obama should don a sincere blue sweater, sit in a comfy chair by a fireplace and talk to us about how we, as a nation, will deal with the dreaded but inevitable cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. [Reforming Social Security should be handled separately as it does not add to the deficit and is funded until 2037.]

We have the best doctors and healthcare system in the world, but, we cannot afford it any longer.  Our superb doctors and surgeons must be salaried with their skills and training in mind.  However, is our system out-of-hand?  Are some of the tests we undergo inflated in cost?  IMHO, after expensive equipment is paid for and depreciation sets in, it should cost less to use them for tests.  Couldn’t laboratories offer a discount to doctors and hospitals for routine tests?  I have to get a PSA test every six months.  I make sure that my family doctor and my oncologist don’t both order that test.  I had a bone scan when my prostate cancer was diagnosed.  A month later I complained to my oncologist about what seemed to be bone pain.  Without skipping a beat he ordered a second bone scan which Medicare declined to pay.  I am sure you have stories of your own about duplication of service. If not and you’re a baby boomer, you soon will. 🙂

Everyone is afraid that cuts to Medicare and Medicaid will mean rationing of service and, in elder cases, what is tantamount to Sarah Palin’s “death panels.”  The old saying is, “Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die.”  Doctors are able to advise families on the wisdom of extending life through advanced technology. Pardon my frankness, but vegetables can live a long time.  I don’t want to be in my right mind hooked up to dozens of machines and having no quality of life…or hope. [I need to get a living will done.]

Mr. President, I suggest a series of chats on TV during the family hour on a suitable night of the week.  Your language should be plain and re-assuring.  You might confer on camera with experts in an easy conversation.  You might fashion a system to allow interaction with us (our questions) through Twitter. [Robert Gibbs and Austan Goolsbee had some experience with that.]  Your measured delivery and concern for our welfare would go a long way to ease into cutting Medicare and Medicaid.  Medicaid will be quite difficult, I imagine, because it deals with the poor. Although the middle class struggles with Medicare. Surely, behind the scenes your staff is already preparing for what must come.

Along with cuts in the budget must come a swift end to the war in Afghanistan.  Am I correct that we are borrowing $2 million a day to finance that war?  I’m not good with math, but, I am sure that bringing our boys and girls home will impact the deficit greatly in a positive way.  Must the senseless borrowing continue until 2014?  What will we have accomplished that we haven’t done in ten years?

As of June 15, 2010

Mr. President, the House GOP Leader, Eric Cantor was on “MorningJoe” Wednesday morning. Howard Dean asked Eric why republicans did not include cutting subsidies to the oil companies along with their talk about cutting entitlements.  The question went unanswered.  Will you do something about ending subsidies to oil companies?  Their huge profits negate any ethical or reasonable need for subsidies.  [Thanks for resuming oil drilling permits again in the Gulf.]

Of course, we need campaign finance reform along with cuts in the budget.  Many of the sources of campaign money would/will be affected by anticipated cuts.  If every member of Congress agreed who not to take money from in aid of reform, we finally could make some of the reforms you envisioned during the campaign.

Your healthcare bill is very complex. I doubt that many of those who oppose it can discuss it in plain language. I shudder to think what the “man on the street” might say when asked to explain what republicans derisively call Obamacare.  I think the goal of explaining budget cuts in a series of chats will re-assure the nation that we can survive with smarter and more lean healthcare. It’s just a suggestion.

America, Where Did You Go Wrong? 1

In school we studied our history: How the country began. How the “Founding Fathers” took rebellious colonies and formed the greatest democracy the world has ever known.  As the decades flew by, we grew in riches, achievements and statue in the world.  A very important part of that history is our developing into a Super Power. [We’re the only one left.]  When war broke out in Europe leading to World War I, we were eventually called in to win a triumph for the forces of good.  That war was not conclusive and later we had to join World War II, the War to End All Wars, to vanquish raw evil.  We proved our supremacy by inventing and deploying the atom bomb to conclude a war in which America felt it was their responsibility to save our european allies…with finality!  While our star is not as bright today, we remain the world’s sole country with the resources to defend democratic ideals globally.

Of course, all of our history has not been pretty.  We’ve had robber barons, monopolies, the bashing of attempts to organize workers, political  corruption and the quiet amassing of money and power by the upper class and corporations. Recently  that political power was enhanced by the US Supreme Court. Today corporations have been made “people” with political power that humans enjoy.  Unlike us, these corporations enjoy more power than any mere human could contemplate.   The growth of the upper class has been at the expense of the poor and the middle class.  There was a pall on Christmas last year caused by our President having to give a massive, unjust and un-needed tax cut for the rich in exchange for the extension of unemployment benefits for the middle class and the working poor. Yes, things are very bad for the middle class.  In the November election only three of the ten largest contributors to political campaigns were advocating for the people: The poor and the middle class. How can we survive with these odds?  We have no jobs.  Corporations have sent thousands of American jobs overseas to maximize profits.  They sit on a trillion dollars of capital instead of developing domestic commerce.  The gulf between the have’s and have-nots have never been wider.  I ask myself, “Where are we headed?”  The Roman Empire only lasted 500 years. Are our days numbered?  We need an issue, a cause or a charismatic leader to galvanize America and turn us away from the greed of the upper class and corporations and make this country a land for the prosperity of all the people. Basic American ideals and rights must be reclaimed.  We must believe that hope lives.  If not, why bring children into the world?










MTP: Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) Remains Anti-Union 2

Licensed Use

Governor Scott Walker appeared om MEET THE PRESS (NBC) Sunday.  Host David Gregory asked “What is wrong with collective bargaining?”  More than once Walker refused to answer the question offering rhetoric.  He repeated that if the 14 democratic senators who are delaying the vote on the anti-union labor bill do not return so that the bill can pass by Tuesday, 165 million dollars in savings will be lost and he would have to begin massive layoffs.   Gregory ended the interview with the embarrassing fake phone call in which the Governor said that he considered sending “trouble-makers” into the protests against him…to stir up the crowd.

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In God We Trust…


Congress has not been in session this week.  Next week  we shall witness the culmination of a game of chicken which affects the lives of 40 million people on Social Security. I am one of those people.  President Obama has not had to play a direct role in this game except to remind us of his veto power.  Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-Ohio) have engaged in the media on the subject. I trust that I will be paid next week because ‘pay day’ is before the March 4 deadline when the Government runs out of money.  Many people feel that in the end, both sides will be adult and realize that the price of letting the government ‘run out of money’ is too high to pay. [Of course, we are really broke. Eventually, Congress will have to raise the Debt Ceiling to keep the Government running.]  May God provide a legislative solution before the next Social Security checks are due.