Did You Know That Members of the Congress Have Been Raking in Money via Insider Trading…Legally?

“SENATE ADVANCES ‘LET’S QUIT BEING DIRTBAGS’ BILL – Mike McAuliff: “The Senate advanced a bill Monday that aims to curb potential insider trading by Congress. The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, or STOCK Act, easily passed a procedural vote 93 to 2, clearing the way for a debate and amendment process that insiders expect will end with passage of the measure by the end of the week. The measure would require members of Congress and higher ranking staffers and federal employees to specifically abide by insider trading rules that apply to everyone, with the added protection of requiring members of Congress and their top aides to reports significant financial transactions within 30 days.” [Huffington Post]

United States Capitol, Washington, D.C., east ...

Corruption Every Where!

Republicans have gone beyond the standards of decency

[Reince Prience makes a queer comparison which he found amusing. He chuckled refused to apologized … goodolewoody]

Published on Jan 29, 2012 by

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus criticized President Barack Obama, comparing him to “the captain that fled the ship in Italy, that’s our own president who is fleeing the American people.”


Reince, this is a human.  How do you Republicans Survive with one? And, how can an incumbant get re-elected if he doesn’t campaign?


Folks —

It’s no secret that one of the key issues in this election is jobs — and the Republican candidates are banking on people not knowing the truth about the President’s record.

Mitt Romney told Time that President Obama “has not created any new jobs,” and told ABC News earlier this month that the President has “lost 2 million jobs.”

The facts tell a different story: Under this president, we’ve seen more than 3 million private-sector jobs created in 22 consecutive months of job growth.

That’s a message we have to get out there — so we put this chart on a postcard you can send for free. Click here to send one to your friends and family who need to see it — this literally takes two minutes.

Help spread the word about the President's jobs record.

Tens of thousands of supporters have already shared images and links to this jobs chart online. Now, we want to make sure it’s out there in the offline world, too — in people’s hands, on their refrigerators, or on a message board in a public library.

Make sure people know the truth about the President’s record on jobs — send a postcard to your friends today:




Stephanie Cutter
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

It’s Election Day in Florida! Be a Patriot! VOTE DEMOCRATIC!

Romney leads by 15 points in Florida: Reuters/Ipsos poll

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – White House hopeful Mitt Romney‘s lead over rival Newt Gingrich has stretched to 15 percentage points in Florida, according to results of a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Monday, just a day before the state’s Republican primary. Support for Romney, a former Massachusetts governor and private equity executive, edged up to 43 percent among likely voters in Florida’s January 31 primary, according to the online tracking poll. It had been at 42 percent on Sunday. …

Want to know how much corruption is costing you? 1

Dylan Ratigan

Host, MSNBC’s ‘The Dylan Ratigan Show’; Author, ‘Greedy Bastards’; Founder, Get Money Out Foundation

Auction 2012: 30 Million Jobs and the Election

This week, I’m pleased to bring you an important discussion about what we should be talking about this election season. Corruption. The Huffington Post, the Dylan Ratigan Show, and United Republic will be holding a weeklong series on the costs of our bought government. We’ll look into corruption in banking, energy, health care, trade, and education. We’ll show you how much corruption is costing you, personally. And we’ll trace the money behind it all.

Why are we doing this? Because this is what American elections should be about, not SuperPACs and trivia. During the financial crisis, a US senator asked me, “does the government regulate Wall Street, or does Wall Street, with their billions and billions of dollars, regulate the government through lobbying and campaign financing?” This question is at the root of what ails us as a nation… READ ENTIRE ARTICLE .

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A solemn crowd gathers outside the Stock Exchange after the crash. 1929


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January 29, 2012


“A team of nuclear inspectors from the U.N. watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency landed in Iran Sunday over allegations that the country was trying to develop nuclear weapons. The IAEA said the six-member team, which includes chief inspector Herman Nackaerts, will be there until Tuesday. Such a mission by a senior team is unusual, pointing to the seriousness of the concerns. The agency said in November that it could not verify whether the Iranian nuclear program was peaceful.” [THE  DAILY BEAST]




Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney Pressed About Support For Gay Rights During 2012 New Hampshire GOP Debate

Rick Santorum was asked what he would do if he had a gay son.  Rick said he would give him “love and respect.” Crumbs from his father’s life. No equal opportunity to marry the one he loves and no opportunity to have a family raising adopted children.  Santorum’s and Romney’s America: Land of the free, home of the brave.  Full happiness and rights…for heterosexuals, only!

Read Huffington Post Article Whose Title is used in this post.

This Loving Santorum Family Experience Rick Would Deny His Gay Son Having Himself

America, Before You Choose a Candidate Watch This Video

You have witnessed how the GOP accuse the President of being a “Food Stamp President.”  They use racial hatred as they seek the Whitehouse.  WATCH THIS VIDEO, PLEASE 🙂

GOP candidates ride campaign roller coaster [Tampa Bay Times]