Obamacare, a Bitter Pill

Well, the election is almost over. “Obamacare” is still the law of the land. It is a bitter bill that is not fully understood and which takes too long to be fully implemented.”No one likes to take medicine, and when the taste going down is bad, it makes the dislike double. So how do you stomach that nasty thing that is suppose to make you feel better?” You grab that nasty pill and wrap it in something palatble. Take a swig of your beverage of choice and swallow!  The country may not have been ready for healthcare reform at a time when jobs seem more important. But, our system of delivering healthcare was much too expensive and was unfair and unobtainable to too many save care through emergency rooms which continues to drive costs up.  I feel that when fully implemented and amended,the healthcare reform bill will rank among other great legislation  like Social Security and Medicare. Time will tell. America, man-up and ACCEPT SOCIAL CHANGE that will make America stronger, more efficient and more fair.   

GOP Wins House!

Republicans will pick up enough seats to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives, CNN projects.

Well, it’s begun. Will it be a nightmare or the beginning of CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN?  The new Speaker has a choice:  Champion a new era in American politics or
continue a campaign of “No” and obstruction bent on destroying the current President.  There is a lot of work to
tackle in The House. And the orderly way The House does business means a lot can be quickly accomplished by men and women of good heart.  The American people can be thankful for our system of checks and balances which prevent any one part of the federal government to become tyrannical.  The main thing we should learn that all of us must participate in the political process. Political reform is achievable if we want it bad enough. Do we?  Do we want to reduce the power of lobbyists and special interests?  Will we press our representatives to pass laws to reverse the US Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United?  Will be insist that advances in democracy achieved by President Obama not be diluted or diminished?  Will we be vigilant to prevent power from slipping back into the hands of the top 2% of the economy which wages a war to screw the middle class? Will President Obama make DADT a reality?  Will it be perceived that democrats are just as tough as republicans?  Will our
indebtedness to China be curbed, etc.? It is now in the hands of all voting age Americans. Will you heed the call?


The teaparty has shown us that public outrage can promote change. It is now up to the media to report the news in ways which make political (campaign) reform finally unstoppable. To show that CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN is achievable…if democrats & republicans, the public, insist that our representative serve us and not K Street and the top 2% of the economy which is conducting a fire sale on America. Yes, soon we will have only oligarchs and masses of poor down-trodden ppl with new masters. The media must name names. Conduct probes with convincing evidence which can be used in court and can move the public to get involved instead of just watching our government and the country be ill-served by so many of our politicians. How can candidates for office successfully hide from the media and go unvetted in the court of public opinion? The ill-informed among us must be educated by the media as to who is telling the truth and those who are trying to sell us a pig in a poke. The first imperative of a society is to perpetuate itself. And, that is what the Congress has been doing for too long. They have become a self-sustaining class of it’s own that is removed from the best interest of the people. Too consumed with economic burden, the American people cannot fight this class without the media to keep us focused on what is important, what is true and who we can trust. When we stand in line to vote, it should mean something. The changes we are promised pre-election are quickly forgotten in the media by the press of the news cycle. The media must self-regulate keeping the focus on those in politics (by name) who are leading us astray. The media is privy to so much INSIDE INFORMATION that never gets revealed on the evening news…or even cable. Pile it on! Make us focus! Help us decide what is true and what is evil. Our future is in the balance. Don’t let us be found wanting.

America, Wake Up and Vote!

September 30, 2010…Americans of both parties: I was taught in school to be civic minded, how the government works and the value of differing opinions with respectful consideration. In recent memory more Republicans than Democrats have been in power in this country. Though now the minority party, they exercise power through their campaign of “No!” led by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. 70% of bills sent from The House to The Senate have been ignored due to this campaign. I wonder how many Americans are aware of this. I wonder how many Americans know that President Obama has lowered our taxes and that the Stimulus Program has seen success in spite of what one hears on Fox News. I wonder how many Americans question what they hear/see on Fox News and seek other opinions like those on CNN and MSNBC and PBS. I fear that Fox News fans are not aware that they are being manipulated by rich, conservative entertainers who spit poison into their ears in an attempt stay rich and protect rich people like themselves. Why would Jim DeMint object to subpoena power to the committee charged with discovering what really happened in the Gulf Spill? I’ve seen no oil rigs in South Carolina, but, there is Jim DeMint protecting big oil. [Of course he says his objection was as front man for a group of his caucus.] I wonder if Nevadans realize that Sharron Angle advocates using guns to achieve political goals. Do they know that she and her family receive federal assistance while she says ‘down with Social Security.’ I wonder if Americans have noticed that instead of ‘helping Alaska from a different vantage point (as she promised), Sarah Palin launched a serious and effective campaign to get rich. [Do people get paid for endorsements?]
America, wake up! Our country is evolving into a new and different democracy. All of us must roll up our sleeves and get involved. We must deal with this circus called politics, as best as we can, but, be a part of the process. And, I don’t mean accept the propaganda from Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck whose agenda are questionable. The Tea Party has taught us that we need not suffer in silence in our anger with the politicians we send to D.C. who get swallowed up by the Washington Lobbyist culture. If Congress truly did *our* bidding and acted as *our* representatives, America be the ideal we have in our minds, but cannot see with our eyes. VOTE on November 2. 2010. Sitting at home is casting a vote against your best interest.