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U.S. Supplying Israel With Bunker Busters for Iran Threat

A confirmed military hardware sale from the United States to Israel will not only strengthen the Jewish state‘s security, it is expected to bolster President Barack Obama’s odds of luring more American Jewish voters in 2012.

As reported in The New York Times, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency confirms the United States government has sold to Israel bombs which have the ability to incinerate buried targets, including suspected sites in Iran which are believed to be part of Tehran’s nuclear weapons program.

The agency said in a statement, “This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a friendly country.”

Of the sale, Defense Department spokesman George Little told the Times, “We’re not going to comment on these press reports, but make no mistake about it — the United States is committed to the security of Israel and Israel’s ability to maintain its qualitative military edge.”

Plans by the United States to transfer so-called “bunker busting” bombs were initially reported by Newsweek in 2009 but the idea of supplying Israel with the bombs dates back to 2005 when the Bush White House informed Congress of a pending deal to send them.

President Obama is struggling in the polls among the American Jewish electorate and Washington insiders believe this deal could signal to those voters the president is standing firmly behind Israel.

The Times report came to light Friday — a day in which Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas implored the United Nations General Assembly to support statehood and Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu took the U.N. stage to make clear his country would be “the first” to sign on to a Palestinian state but only when a peace deal is first is achieved.

American officials point out that as a measure of the sensitivity of the matter, the report underlines that Israel had requested the United States not make public any paperwork concerning the arms transfers, including if such documentation would have been requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

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Friend —

It’s downright shameful.

Following months of empty rhetoric and Tea Party pandering, Speaker Boehner and Republican leaders in Congress are doing everything they can to stop progress on putting Americans back to work. Now, they are bringing our government to the brink of shutdown in a brazen ploy to advance their extremist agenda.

That’s right. Republicans are actually trying to sabotage the economy in a cynical ploy to score political points by hurting President Obama and Democrats in Congress.

Enough is enough. With America’s working families struggling to make ends meet, now is not the time for games.

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Two weeks ago, President Obama outlined his American Jobs Act and told Congress to “pass this bill” immediately. But instead of getting to work, Boehner and House Republicans are doing everything they can to smear, stall, and obstruct this crucial piece of legislation.

Instead, Republicans are threatening to shut down the government and hold up critically needed disaster funding in a ploy to destroy even more jobs.

We need to put as much pressure as possible on Boehner and Republicans in the House to support the American Jobs Act. With your support, we can show them with sheer numbers that Americans support this bill and Republicans will suffer at the polls if they don’t support it.

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Taryn Rosenkranz
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Barack Obama, Warrior for the Middle-Class


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