The Time Is Here for Another Civil Right


Tweet to Joe Scarborough, “MorningJoe” on MSNBC

Co-Host, Joe Scarborough
JOE SCARBOROUGH, you are fond of saying that Democrats “control Congress.”  They may do so administratively, but, democrats in the Senate have been held hostage by your party, REPUBLICANS, through the use of the vile and notorious FILIBUSTER! You are a fair man and I enjoy watching you each day. But, call a spade a spade. Republicans have broken The Senate.  Did you watch “Rachel Maddow” last night.  It was shown in dramatic fashion how REPUBLICANS are delaying the people’s business and in some cases subverting the will of the people.  This lame duck session in Congress is a pity: a mad rush to get something done with “the devil we know.” [God bless us beginning January 5, 2011.]  The House of Representatives functions and has sent over 400 bills to The Senate which you REPUBLICANS refuse to consider. Please use any leverage you have with REPUBLICANS to change Senate rules on the first day of the new Congress to get rid of or limit the filibuster.  REPUBLICANS have used it 85 times. This, IMHO, is a miscarriage of justice.  How can they feel they are doing the moral thing?  How can they relate this evil back to the November election?  The people voted for an end to such obstruction. Mitch McConnell should be ashamed for using these tactics.  Michelle Bachmann should take a look at him. [She thinks she can teach Constitutional law to y’all.]  So, Joe, let us know how you feel about the use of the filibuster by your party. God, bless America!


REP. BOEHNER, shortly you will be 2nd in line in the presidential succession. Surely, in working your way from janitor to your lofty heights, you had to make compromises. [Full disclosure: I’ve been a janitor twice! No tears.] Mr. Webster defines COMPROMISE: “to adjust or settle by mutual concessions.” To get laws passed y’all engage in high stakes bartering, conceding left in right to get language in bills that will please constituents back home.  Mr. Boehner, you reject the word compromise preferring the phrase “reach common ground.” This is nothing but semantics and bless Leslie Stahl for having the balls to call you out on it on national TV!  Unless your plan is another two years of obstruction, you will have to make compromises or concessions to “reach common ground.”  You insult your own intelligence in playing word games. It is not worthy of you.

You are fond of speaking for the american people and you feel they put you in the high office you’ve reached. But, no. God has elevated you to his good business…the welfare, security and prosperity of the United States of America! I call on the country to pray for you to have a gentle heart and a wise brain. God bless us all!


Did you see the Leslie Stahl’s interview with John Boehner?  Full disclosure: I only saw the clips including the one where Leslie asks, “Does he always cry like this?”  Am I wrong or were those eyes bloodshot?

Well, today’s big vote is scheduled for 3:00pm. I am quite anxious.  Republicans have not changed their iron-fist obstruction: tax cuts for the wealthy 2% of the public. In the past few days I have heard it explained that the Obama/Republican  “framework” is really a great and needed stimulus plan.  That should be  a good thing right? All players have listened to the President, former President Clinton and Austan Goolsbee, Chief Economic Advisor to the President.  We are about to find out who was convinced;who is willing to fight for principle even though everyone’s taxes could go up next year. I doubt that the outcome will bring a tear to Rep. Boehner’s face. He is chomping at the bit to become Speaker and lead us down a scary, dark road. For his part, Senator Mitch McConnell is not heard from much. He seems to smile a lot (like he ate the canary). No tears from this guy!

Rep. Lee, Chairman, PCC

Let’s not forget the progressive caucus.  They have spoken loudest saying that they want more in the bill and the President should have included them in the discussions. They threaten to vote “No” to the measure which leads to increased taxes.  There is nothing in the package for us seniors.

I close with my opinion:  Sometimes to advance a greater good, you have to swallow a bitter pill.  God bless our Congress at this juncture.


US SENATE FIDDLES WHILE THE COUNTRY BURNS! Well, not actually burns. But, there are flames of indignation from how un-democratic and un-american is the United States Senate!  The man on the street is too tired after his labor to be concerned about how the US Senate does it’s business. He would be shocked to learn that one senator can cowardly block bills in secret from coming to the floor for discussion and a vote. How many americans realize that the US Senate still allows the evil practice (rule) of the filibuster which was famously used by prominent racist Strom Thurmond of South Carolina [where Jim DeMint comes from.] Filibuster?  Well, Mr. Webster defines it thusly: “the use of extreme dilatory tactics in an attempt to delay or prevent action especially in a legislative assembly.” The favorite and most effective tool of republicans in the US Senate is the filibuster which allows 1 senator to stop the business of the Senate…even though the bill had enough votes to pass!  The US House has sent over 300 or 400 bills to the US Senate, only to be blocked by Senator John Boehner who filed them away never to see the light of day. Did you know that? It wasn’t on the six o’clock news.  The american people paid good money to have those bills generated and we deserve to have them discussed and voted on in the US Senate!** Senate rules need reform and only the force of will of the american voter will make them change their archaic and un-american rules. Use the INTERNET and contact your two senators and demand reform to make the US Senate work for us and not be an old boys’ club. Only your personal involvement will lead to change. US Senate:

I remember what my teacher, Miss Ross, taught me in Sociology 101: “The main job of a social institution is to survive!” These gray-haired legislators (for the most part) have fixed the game so that they can survive in their jobs until death. We keep voting for them because their seniority is a promise of earmarks which are money for special projects back in the home district. This kind of bill gets special attention while true and good legislation withers on the vine.

I say this in jest, but, the Capitol Police should attach each US Senator to his desk until Congress’s business is concluded! ‘No Christmas for you!’ There is time and, I hear, the votes, to pass the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Every prominent authority on our treaties has approved passage of the START treaty, but, delay, delay, delay. And, isn’t the Defense Appropriations bill in need of passage?

This saying is now a joke: “The US Senate is the world’s greatest deliberative body.”  It’s the 21st Century. You have to work to be a legend. No golf! No drinking Merlot!  Work! Peoples daily lives are affected by what the Senate does.

God bless the teaparty-elected members of the new Congress to be a force for reform to make both houses of Congress work for the people…and not K-Street. (Lobbyists) Let us pray that this happens before they become the “establishment” and have to fight for their survival.

Can you hear the music above the roar of the fire? The US Senate is still fiddling while our “Rome” burns. Congress, do the right thing and stay in session through the holidays and cram in as many votes as you can. Happy Holidays and God bless America! [Please sign this petition.]


For two years the media handled Barack Obama with some defference…for whatever reason. But now the gloves are off. It is now O.K. to come down hard in criticizing the President of the United States.  Each morning I get a healthy serving off this on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.  This news/talk show is known for giving a mix of pro and con opinions on The Whitehouse and politics in general.  Sometimes they get an immediate reaction in the form of a phone call from said Whitehouse. Today they interviewed a senior advisor from The Whitehouse. I begin each day with this program and enjoy the sincere advice given to the President along with doses of criticism which has gotten broader and less restrained.  Honest bilateral critique of politics goes on all day on MSNBC with talking heads – pundits – from both parties.  This makes for animated discussion which is enlightening while it entertains.  Check it out.

Yesterday, we saw an angry and some say sarcastic President Obama on TV.  He had called a press conference to quell the angry talk in his party all over Washington. In sincere language and affect, President Obama explained why he made the compromise with republican leaders. I call it “The Great Compromise of 2010.”  After giving his pitch, the President took questions from reporters.  The whole affair showed us that a sleeping giant had been awoken. Obama let it be known that republicans will be very surprised to take him on in future. He is ready and able for the fight.

When I was in 5th or 6th grade I was being harassed by a bully during recess. One day I had enough. I picked up half a cement block and went after the bully who took to running.  It took a crowd to keep me from doing him harm.  I think that President Obama has had such an awakening. He has seen that he can and does have more than one persona.  He can be the learned professor AND the guy who gets down in the dirt and fights!  This epiphany makes Obama “a power to reckon with.”  Witness the giant in action!



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Goodbye, Mrs. Edwards. R.I.P.

Elizabeth Anania Edwards




1949 – 2010


Well, President Obama says the Great Compromise of 2010[sic] is for the greater good.  Perhaps he is right.  As our leader, it was his decision to make.  It falls to us now to focus on the good in this decision: significant money for the unemployed, payroll tax cuts, etc. It might have been great to fight instead of compromise, but, there is merit in genuinely caring for people who have no jobs to pay for a Christmas for their children and family. Now there can be a Christmas goose instead of “Spam.” Now Santa can pay a visit to many more homes in the land. Yes, let us CELEBRATE the good in our contract with the….the republicans. Let us hope that Sen. McConnell spoke truth when he said that there can be a working relationship with the Administration. But, Senator, compromise does not mean giving in to your party. You won this battle, but, the war rages on!  As he announced the framework of the Great Compromise of 2010, Obama looked confident and unbowed, a leader, our leader. God bless him and God bless America!


PRESIDENT OBAMA, when you come on TV lately, you look and sound defeated. Sen. Mitch McConnell was on “Meet the Press” yesterday and looked like Sylvester, the cat, who had just eaten Tweetie Bird. It’s preaching to the choir to say this, but, YOU HAVE THE POWER OF THE VETO! Republicans get no automatic capitulation due to the election of 2010. Sir, you must have some grand design after reviewing the weapons in your arsenal.  You are negotiating yet keeping your powder dry. Sir, go ahead and lead us into the Promiseland of your campaign. You know that we are hurting. Well, 98% of us are. Our faith in you is steadfast! God bless America!