For two years the media handled Barack Obama with some defference…for whatever reason. But now the gloves are off. It is now O.K. to come down hard in criticizing the President of the United States.  Each morning I get a healthy serving off this on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.  This news/talk show is known for giving a mix of pro and con opinions on The Whitehouse and politics in general.  Sometimes they get an immediate reaction in the form of a phone call from said Whitehouse. Today they interviewed a senior advisor from The Whitehouse. I begin each day with this program and enjoy the sincere advice given to the President along with doses of criticism which has gotten broader and less restrained.  Honest bilateral critique of politics goes on all day on MSNBC with talking heads – pundits – from both parties.  This makes for animated discussion which is enlightening while it entertains.  Check it out.

Yesterday, we saw an angry and some say sarcastic President Obama on TV.  He had called a press conference to quell the angry talk in his party all over Washington. In sincere language and affect, President Obama explained why he made the compromise with republican leaders. I call it “The Great Compromise of 2010.”  After giving his pitch, the President took questions from reporters.  The whole affair showed us that a sleeping giant had been awoken. Obama let it be known that republicans will be very surprised to take him on in future. He is ready and able for the fight.

When I was in 5th or 6th grade I was being harassed by a bully during recess. One day I had enough. I picked up half a cement block and went after the bully who took to running.  It took a crowd to keep me from doing him harm.  I think that President Obama has had such an awakening. He has seen that he can and does have more than one persona.  He can be the learned professor AND the guy who gets down in the dirt and fights!  This epiphany makes Obama “a power to reckon with.”  Witness the giant in action!



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Goodbye, Mrs. Edwards. R.I.P.

Elizabeth Anania Edwards




1949 – 2010


Well, President Obama says the Great Compromise of 2010[sic] is for the greater good.  Perhaps he is right.  As our leader, it was his decision to make.  It falls to us now to focus on the good in this decision: significant money for the unemployed, payroll tax cuts, etc. It might have been great to fight instead of compromise, but, there is merit in genuinely caring for people who have no jobs to pay for a Christmas for their children and family. Now there can be a Christmas goose instead of “Spam.” Now Santa can pay a visit to many more homes in the land. Yes, let us CELEBRATE the good in our contract with the….the republicans. Let us hope that Sen. McConnell spoke truth when he said that there can be a working relationship with the Administration. But, Senator, compromise does not mean giving in to your party. You won this battle, but, the war rages on!  As he announced the framework of the Great Compromise of 2010, Obama looked confident and unbowed, a leader, our leader. God bless him and God bless America!


PRESIDENT OBAMA, when you come on TV lately, you look and sound defeated. Sen. Mitch McConnell was on “Meet the Press” yesterday and looked like Sylvester, the cat, who had just eaten Tweetie Bird. It’s preaching to the choir to say this, but, YOU HAVE THE POWER OF THE VETO! Republicans get no automatic capitulation due to the election of 2010. Sir, you must have some grand design after reviewing the weapons in your arsenal.  You are negotiating yet keeping your powder dry. Sir, go ahead and lead us into the Promiseland of your campaign. You know that we are hurting. Well, 98% of us are. Our faith in you is steadfast! God bless America!


Well, today a sad drama played out. Senate democrats failed to move 2 amendments to floor of the Senate for an up and down vote.  Even though it was clearly explained to republicans that 99.9 percent of americans needed their tax cut more than the millionaires and billionaires, Mitch McConnell stood in the well of the People’s House and insulted democrats for wasting his time. He spun a gossamer web of reality in which republican are the sole owners of the voice of the people. Who gave them that right? Did you?  Did your vote in November give them license or have your rights been abrogated?  This is just the first salvo in the struggle to come.  Will you play sheep to the republican shepherd? Will you silently follow McConnell/Boehner/Cantor in a selloff of America to those countries who lend us money? These countries will lend us the 700 billion dollars in tax cuts for the rich and accept our outsourcing and force huge trade imbalances upon us.

Republicans are counting on everyday americans to not get involved as usual! You have computers and the INTERNET. It is easy for you to express your opinions and demands to the media and to your senators and representatives…but will you tear yourself away from surfing porn sites to give a damn about your country? Use Google and Yahoo to find out who speaks for you in Washington. Email them. Fax them. Call them. IF YOU DO NOT, REPUBLICANS WILL CONTINUE TO ADVOCATE FOR MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES AND LET THE MIDDLE-CLASS AND THE POOR GO UNHEEDED. As a child you learned the old saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” It is time for you to roll up your sleeves and ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF! GOD BLESS AMERICA!


PRESIDENT OBAMA, in 2008 we invested in your big brain to come up with the answers to help us shake of the shackles of republican excesses in deficit spending [Witness Afghanistan.] To ward off less than moral and christian approaches to the problems of americans who make less than $1,000,000 a year. We have 32 days come up with a Hail Mary…to march into the halls of Congress with placards and chants and face our misguided(?) republican members of the Senate and House who have resorted to schoolyard politics: Insisting we play by their rules or they will take their ball and go home.  We need flash mobs to appear where these republicans hang out. Knock on the doors of the smoky rooms where they devise their PLANS WHICH BOLDLY FAVOR THE RICH 10% OF OUR ECONOMY AND CALLOUSLY DISREGARD THE PLIGHT OF THE UNEMPLOYED, THE POOR, THE ELDERLY AND THE MIDDLE-CLASS. The rich make their money on the backs of the working class and we deserve our fair share.  Mr. Obama lead us in a quickly improvised movement which makes it clear to all americans that it is THE REPUBLICAN PARTY which threatens to shut down the government or bring governing to a halt.  All republican members of the Senate are resolved that they will vote for no democratic bill until there is a vote to borrow $700,000,000,000 FROM CHINA TO PASS ON TO THEIR BASE AT THE RATE OF $10,000 PER PERSON… WITH THE LIE THAT IT WILL CREATE JOBS. Their cold hearts have allowed them to smile and deny unemployment benefits to millions of workers (voters?) who have no other source of aid. Who will know no Christmas in 2010.

Mr. President, you have Organizing for America which sends me lots of email. We need feet on the ground, we need chanting marchers in front of TV cameras to get our message across. Like they said in “The Godfather,” “This is a street thing!” We need everyday Joe’s and teachers and laborers to MARCH ON WASHINGTON, D.C. IN DAYS! You have the resources to make that happen. Our future is in the balance, sir.  Will you lead us?


Well, the REPUBLICANS have decided to continue a class or culture war even though it means cutting off their nose to spite their face!  They insist that we BORROW 700 BILLION DOLLARS (over 5 years) TO GIVE APPROXIMATELY $10,000 TO EVERY RICH PERSON… OR THEY WILL WITHHOLD EMERGENCY[SIC] FUNDS FROM THE MIDDLECLASS AND THE POOR. And while they do it, Eric Cantor says, “It breaks my heart.” Neither republicans nor democrats are churning out jobs. The moral thing to do is to help the unemployed, IMHO.  Democrats, as always, are ready to do the moral thing. Republicans hold that aid hostage.  What are we to do, Mr. President?  Is there no leverage at your disposal to bring to bear on these smiling politicians who continue their Campaign of “No!”?  God help us!  Deliver us from the Republican Party!


Repeal DADT? “Is it raining or are you peeing on my leg?” President Obama, you promised repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Senator McCain, you promised to support Repeal of DADT, “if the generals told you it was O.K.” It is time to “man-up” (to use the popular lexicon).

Today’s sitdown resulted in nothing significant. President Obama refuses to be a heavy in politics, preferring to be  nice guy. WE NEED SOMEONE TO ENJOYS THE USE OF POWER…AND THAT MUST BE BARACK OBAMA.  He doesn’t have to take off his liberal robe but he has to bring down the heavy fist of his office. President Obama I suspect you find such a persona distasteful,but this is a requirement of the job (borrowing a phrase from IBM.)  The american people have been waiting 2 years TO SEE DRAMATIC CHANGE COME TO FRUITION. SIR, PLEASE DON’T DISAPPOINT!

In a few hours thousands of americans will lose their $290/week (unemployment insurance).  John Boehner and Eric Cantor have no heart. Thousands more singularly will be left out in the cold at the end of the year. All because THE REPUBLICAN PARTY INSISTS ON GIVING MILLIONS OF $$$$ TO THE VERY RICH IN AMERICA! Democrats plan a vote on a tax cut for the middle class on thursday. Heaven know how that will turn out. If your care, please call your voice in Washington, D.C.

Yin and Yang of Our Politics Meet at Whitehouse

Today the President meets with leaders of Congress from both parties to lay groundwork for the new Congress [01/01/2011]. On November 2 the American people spoke at the ballot box.  Just what they said has been fodder for the talks shows on broadcast and cable TV. So far, republicans act as if they have a dispensation unto themselves to speak for the american people. They do not!

However, as our political leaders meet today, let us pray for meaningful dialogue, civility and a honest willingness to reach compromises on the issues in the news. GOD BLESS AMERICA!