Meet the Press: David Gregory Gives Eric Cantor Multiple Passes

Rep. Eric Cantor Tries to Re-brand the GOP


Hypocrisy:  the act or practice of pretending to be what one is not or to have principles or beliefs that one does not have <the passing stranger who took such a vitriolic joy in exposing their pretensions and theirhypocrisy — Van Wyck Brooks>; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion conventional morality often serves as a cover for hypocrisy and selfishness — Lucius Garvin>

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Scarborough attacks Mitch McConnell

Had Enough of Mitch McConnell?

Would-be Commander of his Army,Mitch McConnell Continues Attack on Obama

A sage said once: “Know your enemy. Senator Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader has issued a declaration of war on Barack Obama:

Here is the thinking in TEAM MITCH which is trying to get Mitch McConnell re-elected.  If you are living in Kentucky, please do what you can to retire Mitch McConnell:

Dear Friend,

On Friday, Mitch McConnell gave a full-throated defense of the First Amendment in a speech to the American Enterprise Institute.

In recent months, the Obama administration has ramped up its use of bullying and intimidation tactics to silence conservative groups critical of the President’s policies.

These assaults on free speech aren’t being covered in the mainstream media, and that’s why Leader McConnell felt it was time to send a clear message to Democrats and Republicans alike:

“The First Amendment is something about which there can be no compromise.”

If you missed Friday’s speech, you can watch it now on

Over the next few weeks, Leader McConnell will be doing all he can to spread the word about the Obama administration’s blatant abuse of power. We cannot sit idly by while the President and his allies use their power to bully political opponents.

You can join the fight for free speech by forwarding this email to your friends, and joining Team Mitch on Facebook andTwitter.

–Team Mitch

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