“Mitt and Ann Romney Return”

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So, now we have seen Mitt Romney without his clothes.

What an unexpected series of events happening to nominee Mitt Romney.  The news is full of commentary on the disarray in his campaign  while he heaps praise on his top advisers.  Mitt hid from the main stream media (except for Fox News) during the primaries.  Now with just a few weeks before we vote, a secret video has been released showing Mitt Romney unguarded and revealing his true character.  In the video we see the would-be super millionaire president candidly chatting with fellow millionaires about many issues which are germane to the presidency.  We see Mitt Romney without his clothes on.  Sorry, Ann Romney, we now have the evidence that supports the people’s cry for more of your tax returns.  You required 10 years of tax returns from Paul Ryan, but, hide your returns giving us only 1 full return. This is a cause for alarm.  What could you and Mitt be hiding?  You said, “If you only you knew how charitable Mitt is.”  After viewing the “secret video” I wonder if Mitt’s charity is more about tax deductions and loopholes, than Mitt’s wish to live his life as Jesus would.  Jesus would not live a life of excess.  Jesus would be humble as opposed to Mitt’s arrogant attitude toward “47 per cent of the American people.”  Jesus would not have a house with an elevator for His cars. (IMHO)  Look up the word “elite” in the dictionary and you might see Mitt Romney’s picture!

It used to be said that Romney and Ryan had no foreign policy background for the jobs they seek.  The “secret video” shows that when it comes to foreign policy, Mitt Romney is dangerous.  As president he would not be the leader he talks about on the stump.  Mitt Romney  would let geo-political problems be “pushed down the road” or left to play out their fate.  He would not be the leader he protests he would be.  As I listened to Mitt speak, I seemed to be hearing the things rich Republicans say in their “Quiet Rooms” where discuss and decide the fate of us mere mortals. The “secret video” has peeled back the veneer on Mitt Romney’s public face and showed us his character, his true nature and his limitations as a candidate for President of the United States.  I venture to say that more than 47% of Americans are now convinced that it would not be wise to vote for Mitt Romney, be they Democrats or Republicans. Many conservative voices decry the GOP candidate at a time when we should have decided in our choice for president. How can Mitt Romney go on with only Reince Priebus supporting him? Women, Latinos, blacks, veterans, armed forces, seniors, the elderly and infirm now see that there is only one choice on November 6, 2012: PULL THE LEVER UNDER DEMOCRAT THAT SAYS “Barack H. Obama.” God bless us one and all!  —GoodOleWoody

Hey, Mitt and Ann Romney, only Kings Get to Say What Questions They Will and Will Not Answer!



I was personally insulted when Ann Romney called us, “You people” when she announced that she (and the husband with whom she enjoys complex financial schemes which assures eternal wealth regardless of the cost), would not be issuing further tax returns. How many of us gets to claim $77,000 as a tax deduction for the upkeep of a prize-winning dressage horse which appeared in the recent Olympics? [Were they reading this, the Romney’s would exclaim, “Another leftist attack!”, instead of realizing that their elite status in our society carries a responsibility to be above suspicion of wrong-doing. Mitt Romney‘s father, himself, released 12 years of tax returns. Mitt 1 full return.  The Romneys, like the “divine right” kings of olde, boldly tell the people (the media) that they will not answer questions which pertain to the human condition and they will only concentrate on issues about money and the accumulation of wealth.  This is the Romney definition of “success.”  In these next 50+ days the media must not let them get away with this arrogance!  They must not fail us.  They must press the difficult questions that the Romneys are afraid to answer.  No one has re-written the rules for Presidential campaigns.   Campaigns are not easy.  Just like making money!

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