“Manu Ginobili is “98 percent” sure that he’ll never play for Argentina again”



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Time magazine has named Pope Francis its Person of the Year.

Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina is known as a humble man, a capable administrator and — as expected of a new Pope — a man of great faith.

He is also a man of many firsts: the first non-European Pope in the modern era; the first pontiff from South America; and the first Jesuit to be elected head of the Roman Catholic Church.

In his first public act, the new Pope broke with tradition by asking the estimated 150,000 people packed into St. Peter’s Square to pray for him, rather than bless the crowd first.

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Rachel Maddow Introduces the New Pope Francis

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Yay! Professional Baskelball’s Hottest Player Is Back Sporting a New Look. Manu Ginobili, Hope You Get a Fathead This Year!

Manu, you’re Mr. Basketball!  I’m your number one fan! Luv the new macho player look!  Fatherhood agrees with you. Perhaps this year you get your own Fathead. — @goodolewoody

Emanuel Ginobili con Nestor Kirchner.
Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs

“I am in favor of gay marriage … specially of the rights … needed by people who are equal before the law … and it doesn’t affect the rest of society … it doesn’t, if they are gays … yes? Let them be and do whatever they want, I am in favor,” Ginobli said.

Now here’s wishing that the interview would have ended there. Because Ginóbili was asked a follow up question about gay adoption (also legal in Argentina now), and on that subject Ginóbili was a little mixed. Not that he’s against gay adoption; he just doesn’t have all the information he needs to give a solid opinion.

“Adoption is much more delicate,I don’t feel I have the qualifications, I don’t know which studies have been done, if there is any background.  I know that, I believe – I don’t know, as an outside observer, without knowledge of what scientific data there is out there – that for a baby it should be better to be with two dads than to be in an orphanage,” Ginóbili added.