“Shame on U.S.”

March 21st, 2013
12:37 AM ET

New York Daily News: ‘Shame on U.S.’

The New York Daily News Wednesday cover reads ‘Shame on U.S., Assault-weapons bill is dead.’ The paper strongly reacted to the news that a ban on semi-automatic weapons could be dropped from the larger gun-control package. CNN’s Don Lemon and his panel discuss the controversial topic.

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Vanderhei: “Official Death” of assault weapons ban

Elected Republicans refuse to honor massacre of 26 innocent school children by working with Democrats to pass a ban on assault weapons:

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“President Obama Unveils Sweeping Plan to Curb Gun Violence”


 Flanked by four children from across the country, President Obama today unveiled a sweeping plan to curb gun violence in America through an extensive package of legislation and executive actions not seen since the 1960s.

Obama is asking Congress to implement mandatory background checks for all gun purchases, including private sales; reinstate a ban on someassault-style weapons; ban high-capacity magazines holding more than 10 rounds; and crackdown on illicit weapons trafficking.

The president’s proposal also includes new initiatives for school safety, including a call for more federal aid to states for hiring so-called school resource officers (police), counselors and psychologists, and improved access to mental health care.

Obama also initiated 23 executive actions on gun violence, policy directives not needing congressional approval. Among them is a directive to federal agencies to beef up the national criminal background-check system and a memorandum lifting a freeze on gun violence research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  FULL ARTICLE

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God Grant Us Peace, Gun Reform and a Ban on Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Clips. In Jesus Name…


Recently, we were shocked and saddened by the mass murder of 20 innocent children with a “Bushmaster” assault weapon.  It is perverse that this has sparked an explosion in national sales of such weapons.  These sales are insults to the memory of those who died at Newtown, CT.  In response to this tragedy President Obama charged Vice President Biden to formulate the administration’s response: Reforms to lessen the likelihood of future mass murders.  Many citizens and organizations were asked to give their advice to the government.  Mr. Biden has promised to give his report to the President on Tuesday.

Personally, I think that certain guns should be allowed–under license–for hunting and sport shooting.  Military-style weapons should be banned for use by the public along with high-capacity clips and so-called, “cop killer” bullets.  There should be a federal registry of all gun owners and they should be required to secure their weapons in a gun safe or under lock and key.  There should be strict administration of the new laws and penalties.  Gun use is a part of our culture and is protected by The Constitution.  The US Supreme Court has ruled in “Heller” that assault weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment.  Should all assault weapons now in use be subject to a mandatory “buy-back” program is subject for a national conversation.

I pray that God will bless Vice President with insightful and concrete reforms in the ownership and use of guns in America.  I ask this in Jesus’ name.  —GoodOleWoody

“Santa Clause is Coming to Town Parody (Gunning You Down)”

Them:  “A gun is a tool.”


Me: An assault weapon is a machine!

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