Didya hear? Mitt Romney might run in 2016. . .

Rich Loser, Mitt Romney
Rich Loser, Mitt Romney

Mitt, whether you run or not, we cannot forget the moment when we saw you “denigrating nearly half the electorate as ‘victims’ who do not take ‘personal responsibility and care for their lives…”  Your candidacy will stoke the fires created when MOTHER JONES revealed the true and secret Willard Mitt Romney.

3rd DEBATE: Tonight, will President Obama be “master of his own domain?”

America is all excited and a little on edge. It’s Romney “1” and Obama “1”.  President Obama has demonstrated aplomb at foreign policy for four years.  In this evening’s debate he will debate Mitt Romney whose only experience with foreign countries is business travel for Bain Capital and his recent tour of Europe and the Middle East…which most say was a failure that was an embarrassment  to the US. Reports say that Romney has worked hard in preparation for the debate, as well as Obama.  For sure, we will be glued to our wide-screen TVs or our TiVo‘s will be working overtime!  The question is will the President be confident but passionate and cautious the traps his Romney has learned to sneak into the conversation. IMHO, Mitt Romney might be a change, but that change would be immensely too radical and to the right.  Recently, he started talking about the middle-class trying to show false concern.  Voters should be aware that with years of flip-flopping on issues, Mitt Romney cannot be trusted to tell the truth and, if elected, Romney will continue to favor his base, the top 1% (The wealthy) and will erase decades of progress by women, the poor and the middle-class which is the bulwark of our democracy.  I hope that on Tuesday. November 6, 2012, enough people will vote for Barack Obama, the people’s candidate!


Mitt Romney and the Ladies

ROMNEY’S LADY (AND MINORITY) PROBLEM – Remember how Scott Brown said his daughters were “available” while said daughters awkwardly looked on? Can you imagine just how mundane such occurrences would be if Mitt Romney had just one female offspring? Christina Wilkie: “In 1994, when Romney challenged the late Sen. Edward Kennedy in Massachusetts, the Boston Globe first raised the question of why there were so few women and minorities employed at Bain Capital Partners…At the time, all 95 vice presidents of the firm were white, and only nine were women. Romney’s answer at the time was… that there simply weren’t any female applicants. He blamed the profession, private equity, and said it didn’t ‘attract many women and minorities.’ He also blamed the elite business schools, from which Bain recruited almost exclusively. Those schools, he told the Globe, ‘graduate only a handful of minorities and women.’ Statistics suggest otherwise. In 1995, a year after Romney made his comment, the Harvard Business School graduating class was almost 30 percent women. And given the enormous potential of private equity to generate wealth, it’s difficult to imagine that women and minorities simply wouldn’t be ‘attracted’ to the profession. On the contrary, according to the Globe, ‘the team [Romney] put together to manage Bain Capital is exclusively white and male, all educated at the best business schools, mostly Harvard.’” [HuffPost]

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“NEW ROMNEY VIDEO: In 1985, He Said Bain Would ‘Harvest’ Companies for Profits”

This clip shows the young CEO focusing on businesses as targets for his investors, not as job creators or community stakeholders.

“Campaigning for the presidency, Mitt Romney has pointed to his stint as the founder and manager of Bain Capital, a private equity firm, as proof he can rev up the US economy and create jobs at a faster clip than President Barack Obama. Last year, while stumping in Florida, Romney declared, “You’d have a president who has spent his life in business—small business, big business—and who knows something about how jobs are created and how we compete around the world.” His campaign spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, has said that Romney’s Bain days afford him more expertise than Obama to “focus on job creation and turn around our nation’s faltering economy.” Romney has even claimed that during his tenure at Bain, “we were able to help create over 100,000 jobs.” In his acceptance speech at the Republican convention, Romney smacked Obama for having “almost no experience working in a business” and tied that to the sluggish recovery.”


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NY DAILY NEWS: “Obama plays China card against Romney”


“Washington, Sep 18 — With just 50 days to go for what is expected to be a close presidential race, President Barack Obama played the China card against his Republican challenger Mitt Romney with another outsourcing jab.


“I like to walk the walk, not just talk the talk,” said Obama Monday at a campaign event in Cincinnati, Ohio, a crucial swing state, announcing his administration’s new trade enforcement case against China in the World Trade Organisation.


Obama’s re-election campaign also released a new television ad criticising Romney for opposing his tough stance on China while renewing Obama’s charge that as head of investment firm Bain Capital, Romney was an “outsourcing pioneer” who shipped American jobs to countries like India and China.


“You can’t stand up to China when all you’ve done is sent them our jobs. You can talk a good game, but I like to walk the walk, not just talk the talk,” Obama said.


“And my experience has been waking up every single day and doing everything I can to make sure American workers get a fair shot in the global economy.”


“We don’t need folks who during election time suddenly are worrying about trade practices, but before the election are taking advantage of unfair trading practices,” Obama says.”


Read more: http://india.nydailynews.com/newsarticle/9658f26358b52756ee555157c3551227/obama-plays-china-card-against-romney#ixzz26oPYRsAF


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Government Cartoon 9

Truth for Today 2

Romney’s China hypocrisy
Romney says he’ll be tough on China, but his record shows the opposite. Before he started claiming that he’d stand up to China and its unfair trade practices, he was profiting off of them. He maintained his investment in a Chinese manufacturing company that relied on outsourcing American jobs — even after seeing its poor working conditions, which he described as surrounded by barbed wire and packed with 12 women per dormitory room. When our competitors started a global race to the bottom, rather than placing a premium on creating American jobs and lifting the middle class, Romney dove in head first. Take a look at this new campaign ad that shows how he’s failed to stand up for American workers — then share it with your friends.

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