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1. The Illusion of Choice 
You don’t go to a steak house to eat choice meat. I’m sorry. There is no chef, no recipes for the most part, and little in the way of service or sexiness here. The steak house takes the approach, crude indeed but honest, that a man is essentially a bag for putting meat into.

Therefore, it is imperative that they serve the best meat, which is to say USDA prime. Prime meat isn’t always that great; what they get away with calling prime these days is a crime, as old-school butchers are fond of saying. But choice is guaranteed to be mediocre. The only exceptions are the “choice or better” programs like Creekstone’s Master Chef line or Certified Angus Beef, which sometimes deliver better marbled beef than their rivals’ top-grade product.


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Pink Slime. Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

Perhaps you tweeted about this already.  But, I bet you have not seen this video which ALL PARENTS AND MEAT EATERS SHOULD WATCH: