“Me and JFK”


By GoodOleWoody


Lord, I have lived three score and seven years as black man in America.  As a young and sensitive black boy in the south in the 60’s, one white president gave me hope that, though a Negro, I could live a life akin to that of my white neighbors, full of civil rights and protections of The Constitution. I watched President John F. Kennedy on black and white television speak to the nation as a prophet and being to me the incarnation of hope for Negro America that finally the times were changing, even though our struggles would include much suffering and death. There would be beatings, attacks by dogs and billy clubs and much invective.  You cannot imagine the shock this young naive boy felt on November 22, 1963, when a voice on my high p.a. system siad that they’ killed Jack Kennedy and silenced the voice of hope.  In my whole life no death has affected me more. God bless you John F. Kennedy. God save your soul!

[It is important to note that our hopes were not dashed.  God also gave us Martin Luther King, another saint.]

SONG:  “Lift Every Voice and Sing

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