“WATCH: The new world of weed: why Cannabis is having a renaissance moment”


“With four states voting in legalized cannabis in the recent election, it’s clear that pot is having a renaissance moment. Now popular as a legal, and sometimes medical remedy for everything from cancer pain and chemotherapy nausea to veteran’s PTSD, it’s thought that the legal cannabis industry could generate at least $22 billion in annual sales across the US within four years. Because of its new legal status in multiple places, the market is exploding, and investors are jumping on the bandwagon as the post-millennial entrepreneurs of high cool. Everyone wants a piece of what has historically been so verboten.” MORE

“A new take on ‘grass-fed’ meat: Pig farmer markets pork raised on marijuana”


By Elisha Fieldstadt

The possibilities when it comes to marketing meat made from marijuana-fed animals are close to endless, but the man who came up with the idea has decided to simply call them “Pot Pigs.”

William von Scheneidau, owner and founder of BB Ranch in Seattle, didn’t come up with the idea to feed pigs and other animals weed while sitting around a bong in the basement with his buddies.

In fact, he doesn’t even smoke, he said.

Von Scheneidau said the notion came to him when he met the owners of a weed dispensary who told him that, ever since marijuana was legalized in Washington via popular vote last year, they’ve had extra stems, stalks, and leaves to get rid of.

He simply asked them if he could take what they were planning to throw out, as he once did with a farmer’s rotting cantaloupes.

Von Scheneidau said he has always experimented with what he fed his animals and is even currently adding beer and vodka to their troughs.
The marijuana remnants are mostly fed to pigs, but because the farms von Scheneidau works with are free-range, other animals have access to the weed feed as well, giving a new meaning to the phrase “party animals.”

“Recreational marijuana: How Colorado plans to regulate the pot market”


By Clare Kim

(File photo by Elaine Thompson/AP)
(File photo by Elaine Thompson/AP)

Colorado made history Tuesday when Governor John Hickenlooper signed six bills into law that will govern the cultivation, sale, and taxation of recreational marijuana, creating the first legal framework in the U.S. for recreational marijuana use.

Last November, Coloradans voted to approve a constitutional amendment on recreational marijuana. The measure, Amendment 64, will allow Colorado adults–21 and older–to purchase up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational use from specialty marijuana dispensaries (which could open as soon as January) and to grow up to six marijuana plants–with only three flowering at a given time–in their homes.

Video surveillance of pot growing will become established by an agency that will oversee seed-to-sale tracking next year.

The measure also limits possession up to an ounce for personal use. And selling marijuana without a license, purchasing marijuana from a party who is not licensed as well as public use of marijuana will remain illegal.

For the first few months, Colorado’s marijuana industry be restricted to individuals and shops licensed to sell or produce medical marijuana. Licenses will be granted only to residents of two years, and investors will also need to meet the residency requirements.


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“Smoking marijuana linked to lower diabetes risk in study”


By Michelle Castillo


You may have heard that marijuana smokers get hungry after using the drug, and the authors of a new study point out that marijuana users tend to take in more calories than their counterparts.

But, their study found that pot smokers aren’t any more likely to be obese than non-smokers. Equally surprising, the researchers found marijuana may actually be a tool in controlling blood sugar — and may be key in helping diabetics keep their condition in check.

The new study, which was published on May 15 in The American Journal of Medicine, showed that regular marijuana use was linked to significantly lower levels of fasting insulin. Smokers were also less likely to be insulin resistant, a condition where the body’s cells no longer respond to a hormone that controls carbohydrates and fat metabolism called insulin. High levels of fasting insulin and insulin resistance could lead to diabetes.


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“Highs and lows of using marijuana”

"It really puzzles me to see marijuana co...