“CMS mantra: It’ll work by December”


By Kyle Cheney


November’s shaping up to be a major test of Obamacare functionality.

That’s when new features of the health law’s enrollment system — some of which have been put off repeatedly because of insufficient testing — are slated to go online. Among them: online enrollment in the marketplace for small businesses, a Spanish-language enrollment website and the transfer of Medicaid applications from the feds to the states.

Administration officials are insisting that the already-stressed system will run smoothly for most potential enrollees by the end of next month, but they’re shedding little light on what’s left on the so-called punch list that the administration’s tech experts are plowing through.

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Marilyn Tavenner, who runs the federal agency that oversees the enrollment process, told lawmakers Tuesday that some of HealthCare.gov’s functions were postponed because of a “compressed time frame” for testing.

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“Here’s the form to apply for Obamacare coverage”



Starting in October, Americans without access to affordable health care coverage through their jobs will be able to shop for insurance for themselves and their families through state-run exchanges.

This week, the government unveiled the forms shoppers will fill out to apply for coverage through Obamacare. The government won’t start accepting and processing those applications until later this year.

The form for individuals is a scant three pages — a big improvement from the 21-page draft version circulated earlier this year. The revised application, unveiled Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), asks individuals for little more than their personal information, Social Security number, citizenship, job and income details, and current health coverage. Income, citizenship status and other information will be verified by other federal agencies, according to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the HHS unit that is coordinating the process.

Those applying for family coverage will need to fill out an 11-page application that delves into additional details.


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