“Hillary Clinton Says She’ll Only Appoint SCOTUS Justices Who Will Overturn Citizens United”



“Hillary Clinton Rocks The Kochs By Announcing Support For Overturning Citizens United”



“Koch-backed network aims to spend nearly $1 billion on 2016 elections”



“Koch Foundation to College: We’ll Give You Millions—if You Teach Our Libertarian Claptrap”


In 2007, when the Charles Koch Foundation considered giving millions of dollars to Florida State University’s economics department, the offer came with strings attached.

First, the curriculum it funded must align with the libertarian, deregulatory economic philosophy of Charles Koch, the billionaire industrialist and Republican political bankroller.

Second, the Charles Koch Foundation would at least partially control which faculty members Florida State University hired.

And third, Bruce Benson, a prominent libertarian economic theorist and Florida State University economics department chairman, must stay on another three years as department chairman—even though he told his wife he’d step down in 2009 after a single three-year term.

The Charles Koch Foundation expressed a willingness to give Florida State an extra $105,000 to keep Benson—a self-described “libertarian anarchist” who asserts that every government function he’s studied “can be, has been, or is being produced better by the private sector”—in place.


“Senate Votes 79-18 To Advance a Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United”


By a vote of 79-18, Senate voted to advance a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United.
By a vote of 79-18, Senate voted to advance a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United.

“Study Blows The Lid Off The GOP’s Big Lie By Revealing Citizens United Helps Republicans Win”



“The truth of big money’s influence on politics”



Powerful Republicans Meet this Weekend to Plan Our Future

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“Reid accuses GOP of Koch ‘addiction’



Supreme Court Will Hear Challenge to Voting Rights Act

Governor Rick Scott of Florida and Jon Husted, Ohio’s Secretary of State

Yes, after just seeing what lengths racist Republicans will go through to suppress the right to vote for blacks, Latinos, the elderly and other minorities, the US Supreme has agreed to hear a case from Mississippi that begs a change to the Voting Rights Act.  Republican dominated legislatures have passed laws that suppress the right to vote.  The Republican Party has run pure racists as candidates for public office. [Remember Newt Gingrich and his primary victory in Nikki Haley‘s state, South Carolina?]  Republican secretaries of state have used the power to administer the actual ballots have suppressed minority voting using tactics such as limiting resources that end up making blacks, Latinos, et als stand in line to vote for hours and hours hoping they will be discouraged and go home. Remember all the fighting over photo-ids? Why will the Roberts’ Court be hearing this attempt to change the Voting Rights Act at this time?  I hope the Court plans to use its power at this time of flagrant abuse to expand the reach of the Act through judicial power and to challenge Congress to pass laws expanding protections of minorities from their states. “States Rights” is still alive and is as pernicious and evil as it ever was!   Surely, we are not in a post-racial society when descendants of American slaves are prevented from exercising the right to vote as guaranteed by The Constitution.  The Congress has work to do in this regard along with undoing Citizens United.  —GoodOleWoody

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