“Collusion Smoking Gun: Wikileaks Asked Trump To Tweet A Link, and 15 Minutes Later He Did” Reply


Strongly suggest your dad tweets this link if he mentions us,” WikiLeaks went on, pointing Trump Jr. to the link wlsearch.tk, which it said would help Trump’s followers dig through the trove of stolen documents and find stories. “There’s many great stories the press are missing and we’re sure some of your follows [sic] will find it,” WikiLeaks went on. “Btw we just released Podesta Emails Part 4.” MORE

“Devin Nunes’ bizarre White House charade: New York Times reveals House intel chief’s apparent source”


Nunes reportedly met with two White House officials — before leaking classified info back to the White House

“Alex Jones in wonderland: A shameless conspiracy theorist takes on a real conspiracy”


The InfoWars host who's suggested Obama can control tornadoes now claims "rogue CIA" are behind the Russia stor

The InfoWars host who’s suggested Obama can control tornadoes now claims “rogue CIA” are behind the Russia stor

“Is Benedict XVI The Real Pope? Four Factors Fueling Vatican Conspiracy Theories”


Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI