“Rumors Swirling That David Gregory Will Dumped From Meet The Press After Midterm Elections”


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“Leader Pelosi will be interviewed live by David Gregory of NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, November 17th from the NBC News’ Washington Bureau.  The interview will air at the top of the 10:30 a.m. ET hour on NBC Channel 4 in Washington.  Please check your local listings for exact times and station details in your area.”

Meet the Press Update on the Economy

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Why does the media give Mitch McConnell a pass?


Senator Mitch McConnell

Did you catch MEET THE PRESS yesterday?  Host, David Gregory, had excellent questions (as usual) for Senator Harry Reid and Senator Mitch McConnell.  However, David did not hold McConnell’s feet to the fire and press him to answer the questions asked.  It was missed opportunity that greatly disappoints the American people.  Mitch McConnell must be made to own up to his hypocrisy.  Every bone in body is disingenuous! Following Mitch’s interview David spoke with a panel and spoke candidly about Republican obstruction.  Distraction?  —GoodOleWoody

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Latest on Immigration







“Meet the Press” gives Speaker Boehner a “softball”

Can’t John McCain see his own quest for revenge?

John McCain shocked this blogger when he went on Fox and candidly told the nation the real reason why Republicans are unfairly withholding confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of  Defense:  Revenge! Pure and naked!  Yesterday, McCain appeared on NBC’sMeet the Press.”  Moderator, David Gregory, played video of McCain’s revenge admission…and the senator refused to own up to his statement and reverted to a sane politically correct response.  Did McCain lose his balls or does he not realize that the public follows every word of his frequent appearances on TV?  John, we know what you said.  You cannot now disavow your quest for revenge against your alleged friend, Chuck Hagel, and, against the entire Democratic Party for the way past Republicans were treated in confirmation hearings, e.g., John Bolton.  In some instances like this a doctor is called in to adjust the patient’s medication.  Simply looking into his mirror does not work for Senator John McCain. Once again our war hero is acting badly.  —GoodOleWoody

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On “Meet the Press” Failed Candidate Paul Ryan Complains that Obama wants a “political conquest.”


When he appeared on “Meet the Press” Sunday, Paul Ryan complained to David Gregory that President Obama wants a “political conquest.”  He cannot see the forest for the trees:  Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, et als, have waged a war on Barack Obama for years to win the biggest “political conquest” of all.  You see, Republicans are said to be the party “to the right” of mainstream Americans and Democrats are “to the left.”  Republicans have adopted the word, “right,” and corrupted into a belief that what they do in politics and government is “right.”  They are the only ones who can seek a “political conquest.  Why?  Because they think that they are divinely “right.”

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Paul Ryan appeared on MEET THE PRESS just now…and gave us nothing!

I just watched Paul Ryan on “Meet the Press“. Ryan is a smart man.  It’s quite clear when you hear him talk. [I think he likes to hear himself talk.]  But, I digress. Paul answered moderator, David Gregory‘s question with highfalutin talk encumbered by his brand of rhetoric and code words.  Does this guy think he’s an ivy league professor addressing his elite students?  Is he a wanna be? As I tried to understand Paul Ryan’s answers, I felt that he could be talking like in this video:

Charlie Brown Teacher Speaking

Hey, Republicans…Get on the Bus! The future waits for no one.


Mike Murphy is right.  The GOP Primary was an assault on decency in America.  The Republican candidates for president showed us just how ugly politics can be…if you decide”

  1. The end justifies the means.
  2. Winning is everything.
  3. It is OK to lie to prospective voters to win the Whitehouse.
  4. God gives politicians a “pass” to sin without consequences.

I hope that sentient Republicans see that this is the perfect time for campaign finance reform as they search for their “raison d’être”.  Our national disgrace with dark money and Super Pacs is literally evil and must be outlawed!  Voter suppression is, also, evil and it is un-American.  Not all Republicans have lost their souls.  True patriots from both parties must come together and reclaim the prosperous and virtuous future we deserve!


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