“Reid Has 51 Votes to Change Filibuster, Advocates Say”


Two leading advocates of overhauling the Senate’s filibuster rules put the decision about the size and scope of the package squarely in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s court Thursday afternoon.

But whatever changes to Senate rules the Nevada Democrat decides to pursue, Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Tom Udall of New Mexico told reporters they expect any package would garner the votes need to move on the floor, either using the constitutional or nuclear option of changing the rules with a simple majority or a bipartisan deal with a higher threshold.

“Most serious reforms of the rules occur because a leader has 51 votes behind them, and that’s where Harry is now,” Merkley told reporters. “That is what enables him to negotiate. On the other hand, if the negotiations succeed … that’s great. It would be wonderful to have a bipartisan agreement.”

“I think he has a real instinct as to what will make this place work better, and so I’m of the opinion that when he gets to that final point,” the caucus will back him up with at least 51 votes, Udall said.


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“Mitch McConnell Misrepresents His Record on the Filibuster”

Did you watch the video?  Mitch McConnell‘s balls are so big that he can hardly walk!  He’s the victim?  After using the filibuster over 300 times to thwart President Obama’s agenda and success as a president, Mitch McConnell does not want Harry Reid and Democrats to take his favorite toy away.  Using the filibuster seems to be his only function in the Senate. [No wonder some voters back home in Kentucky are looking for a candidate to oppose Mitch in 2014.]  As I have written before, Republicans believe that they have “divine right” to run the entire government.  They lost big to Obama but they are still trying to get the Romney agenda.  ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES, MITCH! —GoodOleWoody



McConnell: Filibuster Changes Would ‘Poison’ Party Relations


gor Bobic

2:40 PM EST, Monday November 26, 2012
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said on Monday that any
attempt by Democrats to change filibuster rules would “poison” party
relations in the upper chamber even further, adding that it
would “undermine the very purpose of the Senate” and amount to
“an affront to the American people.”
“Do they really think they’re going to be in the majority forever?”
McConnell asked of Democrats on the Senate floor, suggesting that if any
filibuster rules go into effect, Republicans would have the upper hand
should they retake the majority in the future.

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Filibuster Explained: How Minority Party in Senate Controls Legislative Process

Published on Aug 23, 2012 by 

One Senator can stop the Senate from voting on a bill just by raising objection. No more all night phone book readings, like we saw in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. And unless the Senate can get 60 votes to override that one Senator, nothing happens.

Since the Democrats took over the Senate in 2006, the Republicans have used the filibuster more than ever, to shut down the Democrats’ and, since 2009, Obama‘s legislative agenda.

This video from the American Constitution Society explains how it works and what the impacts are.

To see the entire event, watch it on C-SPANhttp://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/307593-1

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