“Sen. Dianne Feinstein: ISIS raid was ‘picture perfect’



“Congressional leaders dismiss clemency for Snowden”


By Meredith Clark

The leaders of the Congressional intelligence committees said Sunday they oppose any possibility of clemency for Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who released thousands of documents shedding light on the agency’s constant global surveillance.

Nearly five months after the first reports based on the documents were published, Snowden – who is living in Russian under temporary asylum – requested clemency through a German member of parliament. Snowden also suggested he would be willing to testify before Congress about NSA abuses and help German authorities investigate allegations of U.S. spying on their country.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) have been forceful defenders of the intrusive and secretive surveillance programs, many of which collect private information from US citizens and companies without their knowledge.

The revelations, which have appeared chiefly in The Washington Post and the Guardian, have stoked public outrage and harmed U.S. diplomatic relations with many key allies.


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Vanderhei: “Official Death” of assault weapons ban

Elected Republicans refuse to honor massacre of 26 innocent school children by working with Democrats to pass a ban on assault weapons:

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) Learns to Respect his Elder, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

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“President Obama to push assault weapons ban in second term”


By Justin Sink

President Obama will “actively support” efforts by Democrats to reinstate a federal ban on assault weapons next year, the White House announced on Tuesday.

Press secretary Jay Carney said the president would back Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) when she introduces legislation at the opening of the next Congress to ban certain assault weapons in the United States.

Carney said the president would also support other gun-control efforts, including legislation to close the so-called “gun show” loophole and prevent

English: Jay Carney, American journalist
English: Jay Carney, American journalist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the sale of high-capacity ammunition clips.

The president has reached out to lawmakers who have expressed a new willingness to consider gun restrictions in the wake of Friday’s mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., that claimed the lives of 27 people, including 20 children. Carney said Obama has been “heartened” by the willingness to consider such measures from Democrats who have been strong supporters of gun rights.

Obama spoke on Tuesday with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), a long-time member of the National Rifle Association who this week said “everything should be on the table” to address gun violence.  FULL  ARTICLE

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Jump into the national conversation…


A talking head said that there is only about 3-4 years of ammunition out there. We call on Congress to put a prohibitive tax on ammunition for assault, military gradePicture 24 300pixels weapons sold to the public. In time, this tax will reserve this ammunition for our police SWAT teams and our military. We can fight to curb mass murder in America.

That’s why I created a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, which says:

“We ask the Congress and the President to pass a prohibitive tax on ammunition for assault, military grade weapons sold to the public. If bullets cost $1000/bullet, there would be fewer mass murders.”

Will you sign my petition? Click here to add your name:




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