My Tweet to “Meet the Press” host David Gregory re: Romney Campaign Mgr. Ed Gillespie

Comment on “Meet the Press

IMHO, David Gregory came ready for his show today, but, allowed Ed Gillespie and Sen. Kyl.  When Kyl said “don’t raise taxes on those who create jobs,” Gregory should have asked how effective were the Bush Tax Cuts in getting the so-called “job creators” to create domestic jobs and repatriate American jobs and offshore profits.”  All those who are prominent in the media have let the Republicans fundamentally change this country without revealing their ultimate goal.  The Fourth Estate has failed the American people.  Why is congressional gridlock acceptable?  Why are voter suppression laws acceptable? Why is federal government allowing Fox News to be a virtual arm of the Republican party?  Are they afraid that they won’t be able to get Republican leaders to appear on show on networks other than Fox?  Would their profits take a fatal hit? They are failing to serve us!  If we don’t point this out to them, then we fail ourselves!

“Almighty Fortress Is Our God”