Watch “As Trump Has No Idea What’s Going On During Healthcare Executive Order Signing”


A lost-looking Donald Trump looked around the room and appeared completely tuned out as Vice President Mike Pence introduced before a healthcare executive order signing at the White House.

“In A Stunning Moment, Republican Senator Basically Tells Sick Americans To Go Die”


“Sen. Barrasso got testy with Katy Tur when she asked him to assure his Wyoming constituents that they wouldn’t lose their health insurance under Graham-Cassidy.

Essential health benefits are important because they cover things like emergency services, prescription drugs, rehabilitation, mental health care, lab tests, maternity care, and preventive medicine. If you are a person with diabetes, or someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, or maybe you or your child have a heart problem, Sen. Barrasso is saying that you should not have a health insurance plan that will provide the essential benefits that would keep you or your loved ones alive.”  MORE

“Don’t Look Now, But Full Obamacare Repeal Is Back On The Table”


“Repeal of the Affordable Care Act is back on the agenda, with Republicans suddenly talking about passing a bill that, until recently, few people in either party had taken all that seriously.

The prospects for the new legislation passing are murky. The proposal has generated a ton of conversation in political and health policy circles in just the past week, with multiple outlets reporting that leadership is now thinking about floor action before Sept. 30. That’s the magic date when, because of parliamentary rules, Republicans lose their ability to pass repeal with just 50 votes. But much of the chatter is hype from supporters and it’s hard to know just how difficult assembling a majority will be.”  MORE

“The case for Medicare for all — plus 7 smaller steps to fix U.S. health care”


“We know that our high healthcare costs are due mainly to high admin­istrative costs and to the overconsumption of medical care. If these two costs could be minimized, our healthcare costs would be cut almost in half. In sum, each year we waste close to $1.5 trillion in resources because of our grossly inefficient healthcare system.” MORE

“Trump Doesn’t Seem to Know Anything About Health Care: A Closer Look”


“Just 17% of Americans Approve of the Senate Health Care Bill”


“What’s in the GOP’s Mysterious Health Care Bill?: The Daily Show”

“Trump White House Says Diabetics Don’t Deserve Health Care”


Trump Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said that people with Type 2 diabetes don’t deserve to have health insurance because they gave themselves diabetes.


“Trump ‘Didn’t Have Sufficient Command Of Policy Details To Negotiate’