“Holy Saturday Prayer to Be Joined with Christ in Death”

cross and lily

O Lord, Your sorrowing Mother stood by Your Cross; help us in our sorrows to share Your sufferings. Like the seed buried in the ground, You have produced the harvest of eternallife for us; make us always dead to sin and alive to God. Shepard of all, in death you remained hidden from the world; teach us to love our hidden spiritual life with You and the Father. In Your role as the new Adam, You went down among the dead to release all the just there since the beginning; grant that all who are dead in sin may hear Your voice and rise to new life. Son of the living God, You have allowed us through baptism to be buried with You; grant that we may also rise with You in baptism and walk in newness of life.


“Signs of The End Of Times!!…JESUS IS COMING SOON !!!”


Saturday, 7:48 PM, I sat down to write some original content for the blog, and the  Holy Spirit lead me to this video which dramatically presents some of the themes I had thought of writing about:

We have only to listen to the weather report and read the newspaper or watch cable news to see the signs Jesus spoke of that would portend his Second Coming.   There is growing chaos in nature and the affairs of man that are leading to the violence that will be arrayed against Jerusalem after she had been re-established.  Fear not!  Jerusalem will not be destroyed.  Jesus will come and ‘split the Mount of Olives with His foot and destroy the coalition of nations that sought to destroy God‘s capital.’

As I watch for the signs Jesus foretold, I am not afraid and look forward to the Rapture.  I long for the day when I shall be free of this mortal body and will live in Heaven until Jesus brings His church back to earth to be the eternal New Jerusalem.


Do you believe in God?  Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior? He came to be the Lamb of God, sacrificed to reconcile man to God.  What was written in the Bible is coming to pass.  Don’t be left out.  Choose to be saved. Choose Jesus!  He died for your sins which are forgiven.  All you have to do is believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for your sins.  Pray and ask Him to be your personal savior who mediates on your behalf with our Father in Heaven. He said, “No man comes to the Father, but, by Me.”  To all men who believe in Jesus, God gives the power to become, “Children of God.”  May God bless you!    —GoodOleWoody

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“The ABCs of Christmas”


Lord Jesus, what miracles you have done.

We were naked and you clothed us with your righteousness.

We were hungry and you fed us with bread from heaven.

We were thirsty and you gave us living water to drink.

We were so poor and you made us rich beyond belief.

We were dying and you brought us back to life.

You came! You didn’t leave us alone!

Glory to your name forever! Amen.