“Trump Says Iran Deal ‘Incompetently Drawn’ As White House Seems Poised To Abandon It”


The president may move to decertify the landmark nuclear deal as soon as Friday.

“The President Defends His Iran Plan”


On Wednesday at American University, Barack Obama made the case for the Iran nuclear agreement, and against its critics, in a long and detailed speech. The official transcript is here; the C-Span video is here. Later that afternoon, the president met in the Roosevelt Room of the White House with nine journalists to talk for another 90 minutes about the thinking behind the plan, and its likely political and strategic effects.

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg was one of the people at that session, and he plans to write about some aspects of the discussion. Slate’s Fred Kaplan was another, and his report is here. I was there as well and will try to convey some of the texture and highlights. MORE


President Barack Obama is standing by his comparison of Iranian hardliners to Republicans who he says are dead set on derailing any nuclear deal.

“What I said is absolutely true, factually,” Obama told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in an interview that will air in full Sunday.

“The truth of the matter is, inside of Iran, the people most opposed to the deal are the Revolutionary Guard, the Quds Force, hardliners who are implacably opposed to any cooperation with the international community,” Obama said.

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“Chuck Schumer to vote against Iran nuclear deal”