Joe Klein of “Time” says “Romney is on record saying that he’ll farm out our foreign policy out to Bibi Netanyahu”

Joe Klein, Author

The news is moving fast today.  The first item on Mitt Romney‘s calendar is to make a statement on Libya.  Appearing on “Morning Joe,” Author Joe Klein (Time Magazine) was asked why would Bibi Netanyahu would involve himself in American politics.  Klein responded, “Romney is on record saying that he’ll farm out our foreign policy (if elected) to Bibi Netanyahu.”  The other day at the convention it was made clear that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have no foreign policy experience and cannot rely of their experiences with business travel.  I am instructed that the current stage of man’s history will close in a world war in which Israel will be attacked with nuclear weapons by a coalition including Iran, Russia and China led by the Anti-Christ.  The Bible (Revelation)  gives a lot of events that have to happen before the war can take place.  I don’t it all can happen by December 21, 2012 as the Mayan’s predicted.