“Decision day in Georgia: But this special election won’t determine whether Democrats are doomed in the midterms”


“The midterm elections of 2018 are still more than 16 months away, but that won’t deter political observers from viewing the results of Tuesday’s special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District as a harbinger for Democrats’ chances of retaking the House of Representatives next year. (The U.S. Senate, at least in the real world, is likely out of reach.) While it’s silly to think that an off-year June election can accurately predict much of anything about the political future, the Georgia race might serve as a useful gauge for the temperature of the Democratic Party in the Trump era.”  MORE

“Ossoff falls short of win, Georgia election heads to runoff”


“Georgia special election: One local penny for every $10 in national cash” [VOTE TODAY!]


Outside groups from New York City and Washington are pouring in millions