“Karl Rove attacks Hillary Clinton again”



President Romney Would Seek to Establish a New Confederate States of America



It should be abundantly clear to all of us how dangerous a Romney presidency would be.  Mitt Romney  wants to cede federal power back to the states,  many of whom were bankrupt recently and had to quietly seek stimulus funds which they subverted to balance their state budgets.  Who really thinks the states would properly administer sole control of Medicaid? I don’t understand why the polls have the election so close.  I guess many people are befuddled by lying political ads on TV.  They can’t imagine that Mitt Romney would really turn Medicare into a voucher program where the elderly would have to seek healthcare insurance at a time in their lives when their bodies and faculties are waning.  Romney supporters cannot see the dead stacked up in emergency rooms when  after too late seniors are forced to take public transportation to get to a hospital  and seek medical attention to stay alive.

Mitt Romney is some kind of  Svengali who gives stump speeches promising “big things” with no ideas on how to financially make them real.  The Paul Budget is real.  Once installed in the Whitehouse, Team Romney-Ryan would use their good offices to influence Congress to extend tax cuts for the TOP 1% and increase taxes on the poor and middle-class to pay for them.  For 30 years the middle-class has seen no appreciable increase in wages and salaries while those at the top of the ladder have flourished.  President Romney would show us a new meaning for the word misery.  When President Romney repeals Obamacare, we,  the elderly, will have to go back to eating cat food and choosing whether to buy medicines or food. (I am not exaggerating!)

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FAILING INFRASTRUCTURE: “Bridge collapses in Washington state — cars, people in water”



By Andrew Rafferty and Justin Kirschner, NBC News

Three people were rescued from a river after a bridge along Interstate-5 in Washington State collapsed on Thursday evening, plunging cars into the water below, according to Washington State Patrol.

The extent of the injuries for the three is unclear, but all were evaluated on scene and were transported to area hospitals, according to Marcus Deyerin of the Washington Incident Management Team. Authorities say they have no reason to believe any others are still in the river.

Two vehicles were submerged in the Skagit River when the bridge fell around 7 p.m. local time (10 p.m. EDT), and traffic has been closed in both directions.

NBC Seattle affiliate KING5 reported that traffic was significantly backed up in both directions. I-5 is the main freeway that runs along the West Coast.

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“NEW GOP SCHEME: Rig the election”


“Mandy Patinkin – I’m Always Chasing Rainbows”

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