“GOP, oil companies pressure to approve Keystone XL pipeline (updated)”



Leaks and spills of Canadian oil are happening now at a critical time-

Back in 1989, all the political gears and levers were greased with money and Astroturf public opinion to approve leasing the National Arctic Wildlilfe Refuge for Oil Drilling.  Today we seem to be at a similar juncture.

In 1989 the political players didn’t suspect that the Exxon Corp. had failed to repair the radar on its giant oil tanker, the Exxon Valdez which was carrying Alaskan Crude from the end terminus of the Alaskan Pipeline at Valdez, AK into Prince William Sound. Steering the vessel was the third mate while the captain was in his bed sleeping off a drunk. When the tanker hit Bligh Reef and spilled its guts into the ocean, the dreams of the oil lobby and President George Bush the First turned nightmarish and the lied to public grew angry. The Arctic Wildlife Refuge was saved.

Americans had been told that with the new technology and the excellent safety standards this couldn’t happen. Not surprising in retrospect, a considerable number of safety standards were being violated at the time (see appendix)

Now Americans are being told the same thing about building the American leg of the Keystone XL pipeline to move the heavy crude oil (bitumen) from the hellish tar sands mines of central Alberta down through the states for transport overseas. “It’s safe and will create 400,000 jobs,” say the lobbyists hired not to tell the truth.

The stakes are higher this time, than in 1989. Some say the future of the planet is at stake, not just wildlife and large parcels of land.  FULL  ARTICLE

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Keystone Pipeline News

POLITICO Breaking News
President Barack Obama will issue a memo in Cushing, Okla., tomorrow telling federal agencies to expedite the section of the Keystone XL pipeline between Oklahoma and the Gulf Coast, the White House announced today.

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