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“It’s Completely Legal To Walk Around Las Vegas With A Machine Gun”


In Nevada, like in most states, it’s legal to openly carry long guns, like rifles and shotguns. No permit is required for this sort of display. That means people are allowed to walk down the Las Vegas Strip with a military-style rifle slung over their shoulder, although casinos and other private businesses can bar those individuals from their premises. MORE

Powerful Republicans Meet this Weekend to Plan Our Future

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“O.J. Simpson Cheerfully Takes the Stand in Bid For New Trial”


By  (@alyssanewcomb)

May 15, 2013

More than four years after he choked back tears at his sentencing, O.J. Simpson addressed a Las Vegas court today sounding cheerful and confident in his bid to a win a new trial.

He bantered with bailiffs during breaks, making them laugh, and chuckled at himself at times during testimony when discussing his drinking at the time.

Simpson, 65, was called to the stand on the third day of the hearing, much of which has focused on claims his former attorney, Yale Galanter, gave him bad legal advice in the 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping trial that led to his conviction.

The football legend, who never testified in his 1995 murder trial, often called the “trial of the century,” or in the 2008 trial when he was convicted, took the stand for his first time today.


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