“How McConnell Is Bracing GOP For Next Shutdown Fight”


By Sahil Kapur

Mitch McConnell met privately on Tuesday with House Republicans in an attempt to stiffen their spines and preserve the party’s leverage in the next government shutdown fight.

The Senate minority leader urged GOP members, including committee chairmen, who arevoicing strong concerns with the painful military cuts under sequestration to hang tough and stand by the austerity spending level of $967 billion.

“I wish the budget conference well, but I do hope that at the end of the day we’ll support the Budget Control Act. It’s the law of the land,” McConnell told reporters afterward. “It sets out [spending] caps to be achieved. We know that it’s been highly successful. We’ve reduced for two years in a row for the first time since the Korean War. I think it’s a bad idea to revisit a law that is actually working and reducing spending for the government. Within those constraints, I wish them well. … I hope they will comply with the law.”


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Why does the media give Mitch McConnell a pass?


Senator Mitch McConnell

Did you catch MEET THE PRESS yesterday?  Host, David Gregory, had excellent questions (as usual) for Senator Harry Reid and Senator Mitch McConnell.  However, David did not hold McConnell’s feet to the fire and press him to answer the questions asked.  It was missed opportunity that greatly disappoints the American people.  Mitch McConnell must be made to own up to his hypocrisy.  Every bone in body is disingenuous! Following Mitch’s interview David spoke with a panel and spoke candidly about Republican obstruction.  Distraction?  —GoodOleWoody

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“Julian Castro to McConnell: Get serious”


By Major Garrett


San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, a star at the Democratic National Conventionand leading advocate of immigration reform, criticized Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell‘s call for significant changes to the bipartisan bill now before the Senate.

“What we need now are folks who are seriously working to pass it come together and make the compromises, make the small changes that are needed,” Castro told CBS News after a White House event with business and labor leaders united behind comprehensive reform. “It has a strong framework and it’s going to take serious legislators who actually want to get things done.”

McConnell took the Senate floor and predicted the bill as drafted by the so-called Gang of 8 (four Republicans and four Democrats) would fail as written. Even so, McConnell voted to begin debate on the legislation, helping it clear one important procedural hurdle.

“At the risk of stating the obvious, this bill has serious flaws,” McConnell said. “In the days ahead there will need to be major changes to this bill if it’s going to become law. These include, but are not limited to, the areas of border security,government benefits and taxes.”

On the issue of border security, Castro echoed the White House contention that improvements in border security ought to pave the way for comprehensive reform. The chief goal of that reform is creating a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already here. Under the legislation, most undocumented workers would be immediately protected from deportation but have to wait up to 13 years to obtain citizenship.

Castro also said it would be impossible to create absolute border security, implying any attempt to tie legalization of undocumented workers to that standard would gut the 1,077-page bill.


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“A list of Mitch McConnell’s Legislative Accomplishments”

Daily Kos
By The Red Phone Is Ringing

“McConnell is also well known for his opposition to campaign finance regulation on First Amendment grounds. … He spearheaded the movement against the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (known since 1995 as the “McCain–Feingold bill” and from 1989–1994 as the “Boren–Mitchell bill”), calling it “neither fair, nor balanced, nor constitutional.” His opposition to the bill culminated in the 2003 Supreme Court case McConnell v. Federal Election Commission and the 2009 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.”


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Must the elderly and veterans pay the price alone, Senator McConnell?

Senator Bernie Sanders

Mitch McConnell is Dead Wrong 
Federal deficits must be brought down, but Republicans like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are wrong to say we do not need to raise more revenue. The truth is that federal tnmcconnellrevenue today at 15.8 percent of GDP is lower than 60 years ago. While corporate profits are at an all-time high, corporate income tax revenue as a percentage of GDP is near a record low. “Sen. McConnell is dead wrong. Instead of cutting programs for working families, the elderly and the sick, we need to ask profitable corporations for additional revenue as part of the solution to our deficit crisis,” Bernie said.
Read more reasons why Mitch McConnell is wrong (pdf) »

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“ABC’s Stephanopoulos Fact Checks McConnell: We’ve Already Confronted The Spending Problem”


By Jeff Spross

This morning on ABC’s This Week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) reiterated what has become the go-to Republican talking point in the wake of the fiscal cliff deal: That the issue of taxes and new revenue is finished, and will not be re-opened. “Now the question is, what are we going to do about the biggest problem confronting our country and our future,” McConnell said.

But this time host George Stephanopoulos pushed back. He pointed out that since last year Congress has already cut $1.5 trillion in spending, without any counter-balancing hikes in tax revenue until the fiscal cliff deal…  FULL  ARTICLE

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Mitch McConnell Will Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage…again!

Leader McConnell’s statement from July 2011


Fiscal Cliff 2013 explained:

Obama, Republicans fiddle as economy burns

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“Debt Ceiling Bluff Called By Harry Reid, Leaving Mitch McConnell To Filibuster Himself”



WASHINGTON — A move to embarrass Democrats backfired on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Thursday as the Kentucky Republican proposed a vote on raising the nation’s debt ceiling — then filibustered it when the Democrats tried to take him up on the offer.

On Thursday morning McConnell had made a motion for the vote on legislation that would let the president extend the country’s borrowing limit on his own. Congress would then have the option to disapprove such hikes, in a fashion similar to one that McConnell first suggested during last year’s standoff over the debt ceiling.

The minority leader apparently did not think Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) would take him up on his offer, which would have allowed McConnell to portray President Barack Obama’s desire for such authority as something even Democrats opposed.

Reid objected at first, but told McConnell he thought it might be a good idea. After Senate staff reviewed the proposal, Reid came back to the floor and proposed a straight up-or-down vote on the idea.

McConnell was forced to say no.

“What we’re talking about here is a perpetual debt ceiling grant, in effect, to the president, ” McConnell said. “Matters of this level of controversy always require 60 votes.”  FULL ARTICLE


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