“Army Sgt. shares story behind Medal of Honor”


(CBS News) PENTAGONPresident Barack Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to former Army Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha on Monday.

In 2009, with U.S. forces in eastern Afghanistan under Taliban attack, a wounded Romesha ducked enemy fire to rescue other wounded soldiers and recover bodies of the fallen.

Army staff sergeant receives Medal of Honor for actions during Afghanistan war battle

You have to see Combat Outpost Keating to realize just how indefensible it was to an attack from Taliban fighters. Just 52 American soldiers were down there, as well as Staff Sgt. Romesha.

“We were taking everything from, you know, very precise sniper fire, automatic weapon fire from machine gun positions. We were taking mortar and indirect fire, RPG fire,” Romesha said.

The soldier said fire was coming 360 degrees all around, from every high point.



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