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Dan Savage on “It Gets Better” and Surging Santorum

The sex columnist talks about his campaign to help gay kids—and why the GOP primary results are freaking him out.

—By Jialu Chen

| Mon Feb. 20, 2012 2:14 PM PST
Dan Savage, right, with his husband, Terry MillerDan Savage, right, with his husband, Terry Miller Kelly O/Plume Books
Internet memes come and go, but journalist Dan Savage wants the “It Gets Better Project“—his viral video campaign to reassure distraught gay and lesbian young people—to stick around forever. To help it along, he’s expanded the enterprise with a recent book, It Gets Better, which includes contributions from David Sedaris and Michael Cunningham.Tonight on MTV (11 p.m. everywhere), he and his husband, Terry Miller, narrate an hourlong special of the same name. And starting March 27, Savage—who edits the Seattle weekly newspaper The Stranger and pens the popular syndicated sex column “Savage Love”—will host a new weekly MTV series called Savage U, wherein he dispenses advice on the topic to university students all over America. Savage also famously turned Rick Santorum‘s last name into a sexual neologism/Google bomb after Santorum compared gay sex to “man on dog” sex. I got Savage on the line to chat about his efforts to make life better for gay kids—and how he’s feeling about Santorum‘s recent surge in the GOP primaries. MORE