Supreme Court Will Hear Challenge to Voting Rights Act

Governor Rick Scott of Florida and Jon Husted, Ohio’s Secretary of State

Yes, after just seeing what lengths racist Republicans will go through to suppress the right to vote for blacks, Latinos, the elderly and other minorities, the US Supreme has agreed to hear a case from Mississippi that begs a change to the Voting Rights Act.  Republican dominated legislatures have passed laws that suppress the right to vote.  The Republican Party has run pure racists as candidates for public office. [Remember Newt Gingrich and his primary victory in Nikki Haley‘s state, South Carolina?]  Republican secretaries of state have used the power to administer the actual ballots have suppressed minority voting using tactics such as limiting resources that end up making blacks, Latinos, et als stand in line to vote for hours and hours hoping they will be discouraged and go home. Remember all the fighting over photo-ids? Why will the Roberts’ Court be hearing this attempt to change the Voting Rights Act at this time?  I hope the Court plans to use its power at this time of flagrant abuse to expand the reach of the Act through judicial power and to challenge Congress to pass laws expanding protections of minorities from their states. “States Rights” is still alive and is as pernicious and evil as it ever was!   Surely, we are not in a post-racial society when descendants of American slaves are prevented from exercising the right to vote as guaranteed by The Constitution.  The Congress has work to do in this regard along with undoing Citizens United.  —GoodOleWoody


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“Obamacare” will boost South Carolina’s GDP.

Gov. Nikki Haley opposes implementing “Obamacare.”

Apparently South Carolinians enjoy being at the bottom in polls.

“Nikki Haley Sees Dead People”

Haley and cronies busted in (another) lie about “dead” voters

Weeks after the Department of Justice refused to approve South Carolina‘s Voter ID law, Nikki Haley and her Republican cronies continue to look for ways to justify voter suppression.

In January, Haley appointee and DMV Director, Kevin Shwdeo told a legislative committee that over 900 dead people had voted.  South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman, Dick Harpootlian, released the following statement and video in response to the litany of lies from the Haley and her appointees:

In a country where the freedom to vote has been paid for with the blood of American patriots, Republican Governor Nikki Haley continues to look for ways to interfere with the exercise of this fundamental right.

She has trotted out her Department of Motor Vehicles director to claim hundreds of dead people have voted in South Carolina elections but it’s just not true as confirmed by the South Carolina Election Commission.

If Nikki Haley can’t earn your vote, her solution is simple: you must be dead.

Nikki Haley Sees Dead People

SOUTH CAROLINA: Nikki Haley’s endorsement curse or blessing?


Nikki Haley