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Priorities USA Action: “Overseas”

TYT: Super PAC Donors Have Corporate Bribery Issues

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“A federal law to prevent U.S. companies from paying bribes to business overseas recently came to the forefront when The New York Times reported that Walmart officials had covered up alleged bribes made by company representatives in Mexico. The retail giant faces federal investigation for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Wealthy individuals connected with Walmart have meanwhile taken advantage of new campaign finance rules that allow for unlimited contributions — and raise fears of unlimited influence over a future administration. Jim and Alice Walton, children of the founder of Walmart, have contributed $200,000 each to Restore Our Future, the super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s campaign…The Waltons are not alone among super PAC donors with businesses facing FCPA investigation. At least three other major contributors currently have FCPA worries, and others may be looming. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, another big-money campaign spender, continues its lobbying to loosen enforcement of the anti-corruption law…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Paul Blumenthal in The Huffington Post:…

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I’m almost always optimistic.

But this year, one thing’s sure to turn my mood dour: The nightmarish thought of Republicans winning the presidency or more of our Democratic governorships.

It’ll be reality if we don’t snap out of it. Scott Walker‘s escape in Wisconsin should serve as a lesson. They’ll win when they outspend us 10-to-1.

All across the map they’re going to let the Super PAC money fly, folks. The Kochs and Karl Rove will spend hand over fist to beat President Obama and our Democratic governors.

We’ve been warned — now we’ve gotta fight back. Our country desperately needs Democratic leadership. Give what you can right now to help the DGA meet its end-of-quarter goal. They have just $32,640 left to get there.

With one day left, you have to give now for us to win.

Give $3 or more right now — by June 30 — to help the DGA re-elect President Obama and defend our eight states with Democratic governors. We can’t afford the GOP’s failed, radical policies.

In all eight states where we’re protecting governorships, we can win. No doubt about it.

And we have to. It’s the only way to protect middle-class families from taking the hit for billionaires’ tax breaks. It’s how we’ll make gains in education and job training programs, and protect women and voters from attack.

Make no mistake: It’s going to be hard. New Hampshire, North Carolina and Washington — these are critical swing states. The polls show we’re either tied or right around the margin of error. These puppies are close.

So we’ve all got to come together right now. A drop at a time will fill a bucket. That means anything you can give will make a difference.

We’ve won close elections in tough places — like Kentucky and West Virginia — so I know we can do it. But everyone has to help. We still need $32,640 by June 30 to have what we need to go forward. There’s just one day left. Will you give now?

Click here to donate $3 or more to help the DGA re-elect President Obama and hold our governorships.

Take a stand, now, before the deadline. So much is riding on it.


Paul Begala

Mitt Romney’s Biggest Donors

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Mitt Romney Cast As Out Of Touch With Hispanics In New Ad By SEIU, Priorities USA Action

by Sam Stein


WASHINGTON — A leading labor union and allied super PAC are launching a multi-million dollar ad campaign hitting Mitt Romney for his notable primary-season blunders while seeking to drive a wedge between him and Hispanic voters.

The Spanish-language spot, paid for by the Service Employees International Union and sponsored by Priorities USA Action, will air in Colorado, Nevada and Florida, key swing states with large Hispanic populations. With 4 million dollars behind it, the campaign is one of the largest of the cycle to target that increasingly influential voting bloc.

“In the primary process, Mitt Romney embraced the most extreme policies in the history of the Republican party. Latinos say they are insulted and angry when they watch Romney, a multi-millionaire with a couple Cadillacs, joke about his ‘unemployment’ status,” said Eliseo Medina, Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU. “When Latinos hear Romney, in his own words, they really know what’s going on and what he is saying…”



Mitt Romney’s PAC Empire

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Via Sam Stein at The Huffington Post: “Mitt Romney‘s increasingly likely victory in the Republican presidential primary is a testament to the value of a well-organized and heavily financed campaign. And while evidence of that could be seen in prompt ballot filings and expensive television ad buys, Romney’s infrastructure advantage began to take root a year before the campaign actually started. The Romney campaign benefited from an intricate network of state-based political action committees that started him down the road toward the nomination sooner and pushed him further than anyone else in the Republican race. The PACs covered the costs of everything from Starbucks coffee and Bed Bath & Beyond purchases to legal bills and consulting fees. With the help of only a handful of incredibly wealthy donors liberated from federal contribution limits — several couples donating more than $100,000 on a single day — Romney was able to pay advisers who would become campaign staff, recruit surrogates, and re-affirm his standing within social conservative circles, going so far as to make a $5,000 donation to help maintain tough criminalization standards for marijuana users. All of it was done months before he had formally announced his second run for the White House…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.…

Stephen Colbert SuperPac Concept(?)

I hope that I’m not the only one who enjoys the comedy presented on this blog. 🙂

CONGRESS: Reform Thyself! We Need Campaign Reform and We Need It Now!

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RICK SANTORUM PLAYS MIND GAMES WITH POLITICO‘S CORRECTIONS DESK – “Rick Santorum on Thursday afternoon slipped away from the campaign trail to speak to a fundraiser for a supportive super PAC, despite denying previous reports that he planned to do so. The fundraiser drew between 20 and 25 donors to a gated country club in Dallas where Santorum spoke for about half-an-hour about the previous evening’s debate and the upcoming primaries, then chatted briefly with supporters, according to a source familiar with the event. It’s unclear how much money the event raised for the super PAC, which is called the Red, White and Blue Fund. But Santorum’s presence could help significantly with its fundraising going forward because it marks the first time that the candidate has bestowed something of a blessing on the super PAC…But Santorum’s campaign initially demanded a correction to a Politico report last week revealing his plans to speak at Thursday’s super PAC fundraiser. And Santorum himself after Wednesday’s debate appeared to deny he would be appearing at an event for the Red, White and Blue Fund, telling a Yahoo News reporter ‘I’m doing some fundraising. I’m not doing a Super PAC event.'” [Politico]

Ha ha, lying.