“Conservatives begin to whisper: President Pence”


With Trump swamped by self-inflicted scandals, Republicans find solace in the man waiting in the wings.

Donald Trump Called Out on “Morning Joe”

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DONALD TRUMP SAID THAT HE HAD 5 SOURCES OF PROOF THAT ‘THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT IS SENDING US THEIR CRIMINALS.’ Mark Halpern asked Trump to name those five sources.  Trump resorted to the childish evasion, “You tell me your sources and I’ll tell you mine.”  Mr. Trump, you are running to be president of the USA.  The American people deserve to know if there’s any truth behind your outrageous statements which are exciting the discontent. Either your speech is truth or is falsehood! 06/15/15

“Largest Online Christian Organization Targets & Exposes Koch Brothers Corruption “



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