Bill Clinton’s Still Cooking on All Burners!

Did you watch Bill Clinton last night at the Democratic National Convention?  He gave a master class in winning our PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!  It included all the bells and whistles that a “Bill Clinton” has mastered.  Such analysis! So many strategies! Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, if only you could bottle “Bill Clinton” and distribute him directly to our surrogates and volunteers! Do you agree?  Didn’t  Bill give us the blueprint for our victory in the end game?  Didn’t he arrange the “Xs and Os” to assure our victory in November? (Our fourth quarter?)  I dare not advise you, but, I am buoyed by the balloon that I have been riding since Bill Clinton addressed the Convention last night.  Yes, I watched some of the Republican National Convention last week.  While watching our convention, I said to myself, “Now this is how to put on a convention!” The Democratic National Convention is brilliant!  Chris Matthews made a wise suggestion on air:  ‘Instead of sending staff members to fight our battles on television, rallies, etc., send our Democratic stars like the ones who shined at our podium this week.’  I SMELL VICTORY!

My Mama Cleaned Houses in the 1950s for Women Like Ann Romney. She died as a homeowner! 2

Photo of Ann Romney at the Reagan Dinner in De...

Photo of Ann Romney at the Reagan Dinner in Des Moines on October 27, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ann Romney knows how to give a speech.  She really loves her husband and has a great marriage.  However, she carries herself as an aristocrat augmented by her request, “Trust me” about Mitt’s credentials.  Don’t be concerned about the details.  One would not by a used car from smooth talker like Ann.  Well, not before having our mechanic check under the hood.  And, what about that gratuitous exclamation, “I love women.” [For obvious reasons she had to explain quickly what she meant.]  She was hoping to reach the women voters who are angry about the GOP “War on Women.”  Now, Mitt Romney is the standard-bearer for the roll back of civil rights for women.  While Mitt loves Ann, he does not love women in general and seeks to control them…like he controlled Seamus when he decided to put him in a kindle, tied it to the roof of his car for a 12 trip.  The pet(?) got so sick it lost control of its bowels. How can Mitt love one woman so much and not love women in general?  BTW, Ann, no one is attacking Mitt for his success.  We just abhor presidential candidates who trade in secrets…like the ones you two are hiding in your tax returns.  Also, the excuses you use for this are lame. I must admit that I watched the convention last night in a casual fashion.  However, it looked lily-white to me.  Well, the exceptions were Condoleezza Rice and the female governor of South Carolina.  America is growing more diverse with each passing day. But, not the Republican Party. They need more than Bobby Jindal! They used to be an important part of the fabric of our politics. But Republicans have been diminished by their gradual adoption of political mores and tactics like, lying to voters, Nazi-style and soviet-style propaganda techniques, etc., playing dirty to win!  Despite their efforts our political face and population is growing more and more brown, black and yellow.


Tampa Strip Clubs See Big Bucks In GOP Convention Hordes


As the Gulf Coast waited for Tropical Storm Isaac to make landfall Monday, strip club owners and “exotic” dancers in Tampa anticipated a windfall of ‘stimulus’ spending as the Republican National Convention gets underway.

The city that is home to the originator of the lap dance and has been called the strip club capital of the country, is geared up for an influx of randy Republicans.

Extra strippers have been hired. Delegate discounts have been offered. And patriotic decorations, like the GOP elephant logo posted at the entrance of the 2001 Odyssey strip joint, have been put in place. (HuffPost first reported on the efforts of Tampa strip clubs to get ready for the convention in 2011.)

“We’re amping up for it,” Todd Trause, manager of the 2001 Odyssey club, told theNew York Daily News. “We’ve got extra girls coming in. We’ve made sure to have everything in the best condition.”

Despite predictions that baudy business would be triple that of Super Bowl weekend, though, by Monday Tampa’s 20 or so “gentleman’s clubs” reported no bump in business.

“I’m sure it’s the hurricane,” said Vicki Baham, manager at Tampa’s most famous strip joint, Mons Venus, where owner Joe Redner introduced the lap dance. “People are freaking out about it.”

Still, strip club owners have placed ads encouraging Republican delegates “to party like a liberal,” says Not that that would be good for business. FULL ARTICLE


Convention coverage: A network guide on how to follow political developments

Major networks are limiting their live reporting, but online streaming and news channel attention will be heavy



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PBS is the only broadcast network that will turn over all of prime time to the Republican convention this week and the Democratic convention next week.

ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox will condense matters into a one-hour mix of highlights and live coverage, on the premise that conventions now are so scripted and choreographed that no day produces more than an hour’s worth of actual news.

Political junkies who want more, however, can find plenty on the cable networks, satellite radio and Internet streams.

All the major networks will live-stream most of the action and almost all will have social-media links. Current is heavily linked into Twitter, NBC is tied in with Google Plus, Univision to YouTube and so on.


“Chris Christie: I may ‘stray’ during keynote”



New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Monday he will stick with his signature style and may “stray a little” from the teleprompter during his keynote address at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday.

Christie told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in an interview set to air Tuesday morning that he finds working off of a prepared speech on a teleprompter “less natural” than his more informal, off-the-cuff style.

“I don’t use text almost ever,” Christie said on the floor of the Tampa Bay Times Forum, according to a “Morning Joe” transcript. “So most of the time I think about what it is I want to talk about and then I get up there and I talk about it. Now, with the time restrictions here and obviously the different stage, they want you to work off a text and that’s fine.”

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Tampa Releasing Inmates to Free Up Jails for RNC Protesters



Obviously, convicted criminals need to be let go to clear room for the real criminals – protesters who dare to hide behind the Constitution while claiming First Amendment rights. Given the “unprecedented” moves the police force is using, it appears they expect a large turnout from not only conservatives, but people expressing political dissent.

Colonel Jim Previtera, the man in charge of next week’s Orient Road Jail activities, excitedly showed a reporter the expected operations while giving a tour of the prison. “The inmates will be unloaded, they will be searched and walked through a metal detector which has been added for this event,” Previtera said. “We will take their fingerprints and photographs. We’ll also collect property. There are three scenarios: inmates will either get bonded out, go before a judge who will be stationed at Falkenberg Road Jail with a video feed into Orient Road Jail, or they’ll be released.”

Col. Previtera noted that Tampa has spent more than two years putting this plan in place. Gosh, with so much preparedness for the worst circumstances, you don’t suppose the police are going to feel obligated to use the facilities in force, do you?

“There will be arrests,” said Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee. “The question is how many. We are prepared to handle any number of RNC-related arrests.” Col. Previtera, however, was more specific, boasting that Orient Road Jail can handle 1,000 arrests.


Will “The Donald” Try to Steal the GOP Convention? 2


Donald Trump’s Next Move: Steal The GOP Convention Spotlight Will Donald Trump deliver a keynote speech at this year’s Republican National Convention?While the list of speakers for the August convention won’t be decided for weeks, Trump is clearly fishing for an opportunity to once again insert himself into the presidential race. On Tuesday afternoon, he made his case via Twitter. Read What He’s Saying Now
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