Mitt Romney and the Ladies

ROMNEY’S LADY (AND MINORITY) PROBLEM – Remember how Scott Brown said his daughters were “available” while said daughters awkwardly looked on? Can you imagine just how mundane such occurrences would be if Mitt Romney had just one female offspring? Christina Wilkie: “In 1994, when Romney challenged the late Sen. Edward Kennedy in Massachusetts, the Boston Globe first raised the question of why there were so few women and minorities employed at Bain Capital Partners…At the time, all 95 vice presidents of the firm were white, and only nine were women. Romney’s answer at the time was… that there simply weren’t any female applicants. He blamed the profession, private equity, and said it didn’t ‘attract many women and minorities.’ He also blamed the elite business schools, from which Bain recruited almost exclusively. Those schools, he told the Globe, ‘graduate only a handful of minorities and women.’ Statistics suggest otherwise. In 1995, a year after Romney made his comment, the Harvard Business School graduating class was almost 30 percent women. And given the enormous potential of private equity to generate wealth, it’s difficult to imagine that women and minorities simply wouldn’t be ‘attracted’ to the profession. On the contrary, according to the Globe, ‘the team [Romney] put together to manage Bain Capital is exclusively white and male, all educated at the best business schools, mostly Harvard.’” [HuffPost]

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“Republican Attack on Women’s Rights. Part 1”

We All Must Vote Democrat!


MADDOW BLOG: “The World Walks Out on Ahmadinejad

Cartoon of Ahmadinejad in New York
Cartoon of Ahmadinejad in New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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MASSACHUSETTS: In first debate, Scott Brown hits Elizabeth Warren on Cherokee claim

Senator Scott Brown disses challenger, Elizabeth Warren who is leading him in polls



BOSTON — Republican Sen. Scott Brown wasted no time lacing into Elizabeth Warren over her controversial claim of Native American heritage Thursday night, attempting to reignite broader questions about her character during the first debate of their fiercely contested Senate campaign.

Brown took the first question of the hourlong face-off to yank the scab off a controversy that wounded Warren’s campaign in the spring, when it was revealed she identified herself as a minority while serving as a university professor.

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TRMS: Rachel Maddow – A Curious Thing Happened in the Senate Yesterday

Scott Brown:  CLUCK! CLUCK!

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Elizabeth Warren Crushing Scott Brown in Fundraising

Obama And Health Care: White House Turns To Scott Brown For Relief by Sam Stein


WASHINGTON — With the debate over the Affordable Care Act law morphing from a constitutional matter before the Supreme Court to an implementation matter before state houses, President Barack Obama and allied Democrats are refiguring their sales pitch.

In response to criticisms that the law hamstrings governors, defenders of the president’s health care law will be championing a states-rights amendment that already enjoys Republican support.

Under current law, states are allowed to opt out of various requirements of the Affordable Care Act by 2017, provided that they meet minimal standards for coverage. The Empowering States to Innovate Act would move that date to 2014.

For the Obama White House, the amendment has a number of politically appealing aspects. The most obvious is that it provides an avenue to the type of federalist approach that the Republican Party, and its standard-bearer Mitt Romney, has argued should have been adopted in the first place. More bluntly, the co-sponsor of the amendment, along with Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), is Sen. Scott Brown, a Massachusetts Republican who happens to share a senior adviser with Romney.  FULL ARTICLE

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Rachel Maddow Interviews Elizabeth Warren: “Where in the World is” Scott Brown?

SCOTT BROWN, hey, man-up and appear on Rachel’s show.