“The Smoking Ebola Gun: Rand Paul’s Senate Hold Is Why The Nation Has No Surgeon General”


Damn the Filibuster…or Not

Well, this is a short day for many. As you share you coffee break or “gather around the water cooler,” don’t forget to discuss the wisdom of changing Senate rules relative to the filibuster and secret holds.  Remind your friends that every attempt at passing a bill in the US Senate was held up by REPUBLICANS through the filibuster. OVER 80 TIMES!  The shortage of federal judges is due to their use of the filibuster.  On the first day of the new Congress the Senate can vote to “change the rules.”  With the REPUBLICANS administratively in charge of the House, would it be a good idea to limit or change somehow the filibuster?  And what about the immoral practice of secret holds on bills? Yes, Senators can put a hold from consideration on bills without telling us who did it. IMHO, this must be done away with!  The people have a right to know.

Have you contacted your US Senator yet to express your opinion?

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