“NFL upholds Tom Brady’s four-game ‘Deflategate’ suspension”



AP Interviews Raven’s QB, Joe Flacco


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“Mayors Against Illegal Guns Super Bowl Commercial It’s Time”

NRA’s  Wayne LaPierre is a  F R A U D !

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“Taco Bell Viva Mas 2013 Super Bowl Commercial!”

Not too old to party!

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Super Bowl XLVII…


Super Bowl On CBS


11:00 am EST – Road to the Super Bowl

2:00 pm – Super Bowl Today

6:00 pm EST – Super Bowl Kickoff

6:25 pm – Super Bowl XLVII

  Ravens Fight Song


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“A Poem for Superbowl Sunday”

The End of the Raven (s)

by Edgar Allen Poe’s Cat

On a night quite unenchanting, when the rain was downward slanting,
I awakened to the ranting of the man I catch mice for.
Tipsy and a bit unshaven, in a tone I found quite craven,
Poe was talking to a Raven perched above the chamber door.
“Raven’s very tasty,” thought I, as I tiptoed o’er the floor,
“There is nothing I like more.”

Soft upon the rug I treaded, calm and careful as I headed
Towards his roost atop that dreaded bust of Pallas I deplore.
While the bard and birdie chattered, I made sure that nothing clattered,
Creaked, or snapped, or fell, or shattered, as I crossed the corridor;
For his house is crammed with trinkets, curios and weird decor –
Bric-a-brac and junk galore.

Still the Raven never fluttered, standing stock-still as he uttered,
In a voice that shrieked and sputtered, his two cents worth –

While this dirge the birdbrain kept up, oh, so silently I crept up,
Then I crouched and quickly leapt up, pouncing on the feathered bore.
Soon he was a heap of plumage, and a little blood and gore –
Only this and not much more.

Then my pickled poet cried out, “Pussycat, it’s time I dried out!”
Never sat I in my hideout talking to a bird before;
How I’ve wallowed in self-pity, while my gallant, valiant kitty.
Put an end to that damned ditty – then I heard him start to snore.
Back atop the door I clambered, eyed that statue I abhor,
Jumped – and smashed it on the floor.

from Henry Beard‘s Poetry for Cats, ©1994

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Last Minute Food Ideas…Party Hardy!


Score Big With Football Food

Score Big With Football Food

Ray Lewis – The Ravens – Baltimore, MD – USA


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The reverence of Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis’ imminent retirement inspired a Super Bowl run. Now his teammates want to win it for him. Read

Tampa Strip Clubs See Big Bucks In GOP Convention Hordes


As the Gulf Coast waited for Tropical Storm Isaac to make landfall Monday, strip club owners and “exotic” dancers in Tampa anticipated a windfall of ‘stimulus’ spending as the Republican National Convention gets underway.

The city that is home to the originator of the lap dance and has been called the strip club capital of the country, is geared up for an influx of randy Republicans.

Extra strippers have been hired. Delegate discounts have been offered. And patriotic decorations, like the GOP elephant logo posted at the entrance of the 2001 Odyssey strip joint, have been put in place. (HuffPost first reported on the efforts of Tampa strip clubs to get ready for the convention in 2011.)

“We’re amping up for it,” Todd Trause, manager of the 2001 Odyssey club, told theNew York Daily News. “We’ve got extra girls coming in. We’ve made sure to have everything in the best condition.”

Despite predictions that baudy business would be triple that of Super Bowl weekend, though, by Monday Tampa’s 20 or so “gentleman’s clubs” reported no bump in business.

“I’m sure it’s the hurricane,” said Vicki Baham, manager at Tampa’s most famous strip joint, Mons Venus, where owner Joe Redner introduced the lap dance. “People are freaking out about it.”

Still, strip club owners have placed ads encouraging Republican delegates “to party like a liberal,” says CNN.com. Not that that would be good for business. FULL ARTICLE

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