“Super Tuesday: Clinton, Trump win big; Cruz takes Texas; Rubio scores first win”



“Decision 2016: Front-runners get major wins, solidify their advantages ahead of Super Tuesday”



So, Here We Are…

05:25PM EST

Well, it is forecast that in a few hours, Mitt Romney will be declared winner of Super Tuesday.  What would really cap the evening off would be Santorum dropping out of the race and Rush Limbaugh‘s resigning.  The GOP has shown us how ugly public politics can be. I am talking about what we, the public, get to see.  Politics behind closed doors must be a bitch!  Oops!  Republicans will coalesce around Romney even though they are not inspired.  And, Romney will get better at appearing in public.  The question is, will he be able to best Barack Obama?  Personally, I am ready to hear those last campaign speeches and then, the real voting.  How about you?

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA
Williard Mitt Romney, Nominee? I wonder.