“Paul Ryan Announces 2014 Budget Proposal and Calls for No New Taxes”


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Oh, Say Can You See…the New America?

Originally Posted May 18, 2011

Gee, what does the GOP want America to be like in the future? I begin by saying that the top 1% of the country (where the nation’s wealth is concentrated) can be assured that they can live anywhere in the world leaving behind New America (ten years from now).  So, it troubles them not that our future will be like that of a third world country where many of our students won’t be able to go to school due to cuts in education.  They won’t be able to rise to top leadership posts in business and government.  They will not have had the benefits of Head Start, Sesame Street and educational TV. Colleges and universities will be so expensive that only the rich will be able to afford them.  The one hope for meritorious students, scholarships, will be diminished.  The cuts that Paul Ryan & Co want to establish will surely shrink our field of good nurses and doctors.  How will lawyers survive?  The good jobs of today will be filled in New America by the less qualified who are paid less. [Are you picturing New America in your mind?]

Republicans in Congress want to solve our economic problems on the backs of the poor and the middle class.  The latter two are the ones always called to “lift that barrow, tote that bale.”  They are the ones who strap on a gun to defend our Constitution.  They are the ones who will grow old in New America and find retirement and old age pure misery.  Right now Medicaid is suffering trying to take care of the aged poor in nursing homes. Although the middle class retired pay a monthly premium to be on Medicare, Paul Ryan and John Boehner want to shut down Medicare as we know it. In New America the retired will be given a voucher (not unlike a grocery store coupon) to use when going out to find medical insurance.  What insurance company in the future would give a policy to someone who has the illnesses that afflict the elderly? None!   Heaven help them if they touch Social Security, except to extend its life and benefits.  The top 1% of the country will live on accumulated wealth in their literal “golden years.”  The rest of us will look for Social Security benefits to live on.  Although we will be too old (and too sick) to work, our daily expenses will continue. Social Security will be our lifeline!

It has been heartening to hear that many republicans got lots of flack when they went home the other day and presented their vision for “New America” to their constituents. We saw a town hall where Paul Ryan, himself, was harried and had to sneak out of the building and leave secretly. [No images of the latter.]

Meetings are going on at the Whitehouse to reach a compromise on the budget,debt ceiling/spending cut problems. Vice President Biden came out of one meeting yesterday and gave a hopeful message.  Speaker of the House, John Boehner held a press conference where he painted a picture of democrats cowering and panicking as they were being forced to yield to the republicans.  Just a few months ago Mr. Boehner said that he could see both sides reaching “common ground.” Now he shows no will to compromise. He sweats and defies the will of the people saying republicans will not vote for tax increases on the rich.  The financial pull of the rich is remarkably strong. RICH PEOPLE! REPUBLICANS! You sit at the table of life eating high on the hog. Please elbow a little room so that the poor and middle class can eat. It’s the American thing to do!

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