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“Russia probes kick into high gear”


“The congressional Russia investigations are entering a new and more serious phase as lawmakers return from the August recess amid fresh revelations about contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In the coming weeks, both intelligence committees are expected to conduct closed-door interviews with high-ranking members of the Trump campaign, and potential witnesses could include Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr.”  MORE

” Obamacare repeal vote upends 2018 House landscape


Republicans worry their incumbents will pay for the vote, and signs abound of an energized Democratic base.

“The House Republicans who could lose their jobs over Obamacare repeal”


“House Republicans To Waste 3.3 Million Taxpayer Dollars On Special Benghazi Investigation”


Speaker Boehner of Ohio and Rep. Gowdy of South Carolina

Speaker Boehner of Ohio and Rep. Gowdy of South Carolina

Republican Darrell Issa turns off microphone on Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings


“House GOP stymied on debt limit”


By Jake Sherman

It’s almost time to reach for the kitchen sink.

All week, House Republican leaders have been stymied in crafting a debt-limit package that could pass with only Republican support.

Now, Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) and other top Republicans are considering attaching a whole laundry list of provisions to the debt ceiling that do precious little to decrease the deficit but would instead serve only to attract enough Democratic support to move the legislation on to the Senate.

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