“Why the Meat at Wal-Mart Is So Awful”


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On February 17, 2000, meatcutters at Wal-Mart’s Jacksonville, Texas store voted to join an indepedent trade union.  This was the culmination of the only successful organizing campaign at any Wal-Mart in the United States.  A few days after the vote, Wal-Mart announced that it would be switching to pre-packaged, case-ready meat at all its stores nationwide.  The dispute as to whether this was a direct response to the organizing campiagn is still under litigation, but looking back at this incident I find the response of the Wal-Flack who talked to In These Times particularly twisted: MORE

“Guess Which Company Won’t Drop Pork Supplier After Horrific Video Exposes Abuse”



Those of you still eating pork, can you view this video and still want that ham sandwich? Is bacon really so tasty that it’s worth this horrific price?

For those who believe this kind of abuse must be limited to only a handful of facilities, think again. Mercy for Animals founder Nathan Runkle recently told Harper’s Magazine: ”We have never found a facility where there wasn’t abuse. Finding it is not the issue. Our challenge is just to have a camera there when it happens.” [EXTRACT]

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/guess-which-company-wont-drop-pork-supplier-after-horrific-video-exposes-abuse.html#ixzz2lTYJrvGM


“Paula Deen Dropped by Target, Home Depot, Novo Nordisk, Caesars, and Walmart”



Jun 26, 2013 @ 4:57 PM

The decline of Paula Deen, and her brand, continues.

Last week, after a deposition in which she admitted using the “N” word was made public, the Savannah, Ga.-based cook, who’s spend years building a brand as a queen of Southern cooking with endorsement deals with a host of products and TV shows, was dropped by just about every major company that she worked with. Things just keep getting worse for her, even after issuing a tearful apology, as it’s now being reported that not only has Walmart vowed to stop carrying Deen-branded products, Caesars Entertainment plans to “rebrand” the four restaurants that bear her name.

Deen stood up Matt Lauer’s much-hyped TODAY show appearance, and was dropped by Food Network, who she worked with for the past 11 years. On Monday, Smithfield Foods, the ham producer,cancelled her spokeswoman contract as well. When FoodNetwork announced that her time slot would be filled by a show featuring Giada De Laurentiis, her fans flew into a rage, and now that her sons, who also have shows on Food Network, are coming to her defense, some are urging the network to cut ties with them as well.

Deen finally appeared on the TODAY show on Wednesday, but that did little to ebb the flow: later that day Walmart announced that it “would not place any new orders beyond what’s already committed” for its line of products that are endorsed by her and branded with her name, according to the Associated Press, and TMZ is reporting that Caesars Entertainment, which owns Deen-branded buffet restaurants in Harrah’s Tunica near Memphis, Tenn., Harrah’s Joliet near Chicago, Harrah’s Cherokee in North Carolina, and a buffet at Horseshoe Southern Indiana, has decided to “rebrand” those restaurants and has closed them down for a couple months.

Additionally, the AP is reporting that both Target, which carried Deen-branded cookware, and pharmacautical company Novo Nordisk, which produced the diabetes drug that Deen was famously hired to sponsor, have ended their relationships with her, as has The Home Depot, NBC News reported.

So as Deen’s endorsement deals, as well as her entire career, continue to fall away, what does she even have left at this point? A deal with QVC, which is reportedly “reviewing itsbusiness relationship,” with her. [QUOTE]

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TV Coverage of Tornado Disaster Concludes…

God bless us all.  Amen.

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TYT: Super PAC Donors Have Corporate Bribery Issues

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“A federal law to prevent U.S. companies from paying bribes to business overseas recently came to the forefront when The New York Times reported that Walmart officials had covered up alleged bribes made by company representatives in Mexico. The retail giant faces federal investigation for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Wealthy individuals connected with Walmart have meanwhile taken advantage of new campaign finance rules that allow for unlimited contributions — and raise fears of unlimited influence over a future administration. Jim and Alice Walton, children of the founder of Walmart, have contributed $200,000 each to Restore Our Future, the super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s campaign…The Waltons are not alone among super PAC donors with businesses facing FCPA investigation. At least three other major contributors currently have FCPA worries, and others may be looming. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, another big-money campaign spender, continues its lobbying to loosen enforcement of the anti-corruption law…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Paul Blumenthal in The Huffington Post:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/18/sheldon-adelson-bribery-super-pac-do…

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