“Endless Afghanistan? US-Afghan agreement would keep troops in place and funds flowing, perhaps indefinitely”By



By Richard Engel, Chief Foreign correspondent

KABUL – While many Americans have been led to believe the war in Afghanistan will soon be over, a draft of a key U.S.-Afghan security deal obtained by NBC News shows the United States is prepared to maintain military outposts in Afghanistan for many years to come, and pay to support hundreds of thousands of Afghan security forces.

The wide-ranging document, still unsigned by the United States and Afghanistan, has the potential to commit thousands of American troops to Afghanistan and spend billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

The document outlines what appears to be the start of a new, open-ended military commitment in Afghanistan in the name of training and continuing to fight al-Qaeda. The war in Afghanistan doesn’t seem to be ending, but renewed under new, scaled-down U.S.-Afghan terms.


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“As U.S. exits Afghanistan, American soldiers still making ultimate sacrifice”


(CBS News) KILLEEN, TexasThe war in Afghanistan is winding down, but Americans are still fighting and dying there. Four were killed on the very day last month that the U.S. handed control of the country’s security to the Afghan army and police. Among them: Ember Alt.

Charles Alt was in Afghanistan working as a civilian contractor when he got the call about his daughter, 21-year-old Army Spc. Ember Alt. She was stationed in Afghanistan, too, just a couple of hours away from him.

“They took me to the mortuary, and I viewed the body, and I didn’t want to believe what I saw,” he remembers. “They told me she was killed from a rocket attack. … They told me she didn’t suffer at all, which was a big relief.”

Spc. Alt had worked as a mechanic at Bagram Air Base.

“She told me a couple of times that it is scary out there, but she also said she knew what her job was,” Charles Alt says. “And she had to do her job to the best of her ability.”

There was a special tribute to Alt by her fellow soldiers at Bagram before her father accompanied her home.

“Felt like the longest flight of my life,” he says. “But I am thankful that I was over there to be able to escort her home. To bring my little girl home.”


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“Top U.S. commander talks extending Afghanistan mission”

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“Army Sgt. shares story behind Medal of Honor”


(CBS News) PENTAGONPresident Barack Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to former Army Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha on Monday.

In 2009, with U.S. forces in eastern Afghanistan under Taliban attack, a wounded Romesha ducked enemy fire to rescue other wounded soldiers and recover bodies of the fallen.

Army staff sergeant receives Medal of Honor for actions during Afghanistan war battle

You have to see Combat Outpost Keating to realize just how indefensible it was to an attack from Taliban fighters. Just 52 American soldiers were down there, as well as Staff Sgt. Romesha.

“We were taking everything from, you know, very precise sniper fire, automatic weapon fire from machine gun positions. We were taking mortar and indirect fire, RPG fire,” Romesha said.

The soldier said fire was coming 360 degrees all around, from every high point.


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“Serving Those Who Served Us”

September 1, 2012

Serving those who served usTwo years ago, President Obama traveled to Fort Bliss, in Texas, to mark the end of the combat mission in Iraq.

In his remarks that day, he talked about how part of ending a war responsibly is taking care of those who fought it. The President promised to increase support for veterans, to ensure that our wounded warriors receive the care they need, and to help servicemembers and their families find opportunities once they’ve returned home.

Yesterday, President Obama returned to Fort Bliss to reaffirm that promise and to discuss how ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will make America safer and our military stronger.

It’s a powerful message, and you should check it out. Here’s the President’s speech.

Watch it, then share it with your friends.

The war in Iraq is over. The war in Afghanistan is winding down. A million veterans are set to rejoin civilian life in the years ahead.

As they do, they’ll be able to pursue their education through the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Through the work of First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, and the Joining Forces initiative, companies across America have already hired or trained 125,000 servicemembers and military spouses.

President Obama wants to see these heroes share in the American dream they helped to defend. He’s calling on Congress to create the Veterans Jobs Corps, to extend tax credits for businesses that hire veterans, and to help our veterans find work as police officers, fire fighters, and first responders.

To learn more, listen to the President’s speech.

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