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Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) Thinks She ‘Qualifies as a Candidate for President’

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) is new to the presidential sweepstakes despite her C.V.  Her name is being mentioned as a candidate for Veep under Mitt Romney.  Appearing on “Meet the Press” today, Sen. Ayotte was asked by host, David Gregory, if she was ready to be president.  Instead of answering “yes” or “no,” Kelly went through her resume and included a dig at President Barack Obama.  She said Obama should show more leadership over the Senate. But the Republican senator left out her caucus’ collective war on Barack Obama which has lowered the public’s favorable rating of Congress which is characterized as “the worst Congress in history.” Ayotte did not mention Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s <<raison d’être>> :

Senator Ayotte forgets the old truism: “You can take a horse to water, but, you can’t make him drink!”  If she wants to really be effective, she should take back the Republican Party from those who stand for the increase in fortune of the “Top 1%” and those who support the Paul Ryan budget which would seek to balance the budget by taking money from the poor and the middle-class and give thousands of unearned dollars to the rich! [I wonder whose side she was on in her former job?]