WHITEHOUSE: Extending the Payroll Tax Cut for the Middle Class

Weekly Address: Extending the Payroll Tax Cut for the Middle Class

President Obama urges Congress to extend the payroll tax cut to prevent a tax hike on 160 million hardworking Americans. Back in December, Congress faced this exact same predicament. People all over the country tweeted, emailed and wrote to explain how losing $40 each check would affect them. Ultimately, thanks to your stories, Congress did the right thing and passed a two-month tax cut extension. It’s more important than ever that you make sure your story is part of the debate here in Washington.

Watch the weekly address and tell us what $40 means to you and your family.

The Weekly Address

President Barack Obama tapes the weekly address in the East Room of the White House, Feb. 10, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)



Weekly Address: It’s Time for Congress to Act to Help Responsible Homeowners

President Obama continues his call for a return to American values, including fairness and equality, as part of his blueprint for an economy built to last.

Watch the video:

The Weekly Address

President Barack Obama delivers his weekly taping in the Library of the White House, Feb. 3, 2012.  (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)


February 3, 2012

Obama presses Congress not to ‘muck up’ growing economy

By Dave Boyer
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