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“Mitt Romney’s Mom Says his Dad was on Welfare”

Hey, Mitt, welfare saved your butt as a child.  Today there are people who are really qualified for welfare which is an opportunity that saved my butt when I became disabled a few years ago.  It was a bridge between IBM and Social Security which took my paying $3000 and waiting a whole year!  I am retired now on Social Security and Medicare which has a premium.  You and Paul Ryan would drive people like me into the street,living under bridges…and a quick death! —GOW

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NY Times Calls Out Mitt Romney’s AD as “Blatantly False”

“Blatantly false” welfare attacks
This morning, the Romney campaign released an ad that
contains outright lies about the President’s welfare reform efforts.
President Obama has given states more flexibility so that
they can increase their work placement rate among welfare
recipients by at least 20 percent. Yet, Romney’s ad says
the President has ended the work requirement — which The
New York Times calls “blatantly false.” President Clinton,
who reformed welfare, said Romney’s claims are “not true.”
Even Newt Gingrich said there’s “no proof” that Romney’s ad
is accurate. The ad also says that President Obama was
against welfare-to-work as an Illinois state senator
another blatant lie. He worked across the aisle to pass
Illinois‘ welfare-to work law, even winning praise from
Republican leaders for being “not your typical party-line
politician” and willing to find compromise to get it done.
We recorded a video to tell the truth about Romney’s
attacks, which you should check out and share with others:


How could one vote for a candidate for President who would discriminate against minority Americans in the 21st Century?

My fellow Americans:

I am successful ($$$) and I have a loving spouse. Vote for me and I will discriminate against minorities who are not armed with the BIG MONEY that I have which will allow me to take money from blacks, “the very poor,” poor whites. Look at me with my life partner at our marriage. Don’t we look great? As President I will deny this civil right to homosexuals. I will suppress civil rights of straights who live together in committed relationships forcing them into marriage. I will ignore that statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce. I will continue the GOP War on Women and suppress their rights to their sexual functioning. (I think it is too late to tie them to the kitchen stove.) Vote for me so that I can come out of  my closet and reveal myself as the poster boy for THE TOP 1%, a/k/a my friends, the rich Americans.  With their money behind me I will cut federal benefits for the poor and down-trodden with “reforms” like taking away their food stamps, Medicaid and welfare. I will extend the Bush Tax Cuts for you.  Vote for me and you will hear me say what you want me to say. And, watch me serves my masters, Big Oil, the Koch Brothers and their ilk. I will keep my promise to deny federal funds to Planned Parenthood.  So, do I have your vote yet? [Poetic License]

Women, you have a say in your lives…