“Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis Shared Abortion Stories During Filibuster”


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June 27, 2013
Erich Schlegel/Getty Images
Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

Texas State Sen. Wendy Davisbecame a household name Tuesday night when, standing in a pair of iconic pink sneakers, the Fort Worth Democrat spent 11 hours filibustering to prevent the passage of a sweeping anti-abortion bill supported by prominent Republicans.

Davis, 50, a teenage mother who graduated from Harvard Law School and went on to win a seat in the Texas Senate, couldn’t use the restroom, eat, drink, sit or lean during the filibuster, according to Texas rules.

But she could talk.

Davis received at least 13,000 story submissions from women who hoped she would read them on the Senate floor.


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“Texas Gov. Rick Perry calls 2nd special session to pass abortion bill”


AUSTIN, TEXASGov. Rick Perry on Wednesday called a second special session of the Texas Legislature to pass widespread abortion restrictions across the nation’s second-largest state, after the first attempt by Republicans died overnight following a marathon one-woman filibuster.

Perry ordered lawmakers to meet again on July 1 to act on the abortion proposals, as well as separate bills that would boost highway funding and deal with a juvenile justice issue. The sweeping abortion rules would close nearly all the state’s abortion clinics and impose other widespread restrictions.

Perry can call as many 30-day extra sessions as he likes, but lawmakers can only take up those issues he assigns.

The debate over abortion restrictions led to the most chaotic day in the Texas Legislature in modern history, starting with a marathon filibuster and ending with a down-to-the wire, frenetic vote marked by questions about whether Republicans tried to break chamber rules and jam the measure through.

Democrats put their hopes of thwarting the bill in the hands of Wendy Davis, a state senator clad in pink running shoes, for a daylong attempt to talk the bill to death. Over the duration of the speech, Davis became a social media star, even becoming the subject of a tweet from President Obama for her efforts.

But just before midnight, Republicans claimed she strayed off topic and got help with a back brace — two things that are against filibuster rules — and cut her off.

That cleared the way for a vote.


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